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  • Sun, 08:58: RT @fhwang: An ebook for programmers titled "If You Did This With a Spreadsheet You'd Be Done By Now"
  • Sun, 09:05: dear #Build2016 presenters; please tweet nice hi-res pictures of the laptops you're practicing your demos on ;)
  • Sun, 09:09: when you're researching headphones for review& you discover you were in a school play with one of the musicians who use them LOL @olaonabule
  • Sun, 09:15: RT @laura_hudson: Good advice for ladies at conventions or any goddamn place: WALK LIKE YOU’VE BEEN SENT TO MURDER CAPTAIN AMERICA http…
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    Sun, 13:48: RT @ manwithoutatan: Comparing students critically protesting a professor whose work and public standing marginalises and erases…

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    Sat, 14:51: RT @ RubiesB4Swine: Even setting aside the completely insane concept of it being best to monitor women to keep them safe, we cannot…

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