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  • Thu, 23:34: OK, extension-using people; which Edge extension will be most like having an IE TPL running. AdBlock? AdBlock Plus?
  • Thu, 23:35: RT @kylealden: 5. We're part of the W3C Browser Extension Community Group and look forward to a future of interoperable extensions.
  • Thu, 23:43: RT @aionescu: Introducing SimpleVisor: an Intel x64 Windows-specific hypervisor with less than 10 lines of assembly. Learn more at https://…
  • Thu, 23:48: many older Windows Phone devices did not meet our expectations for quality in experience w Windows 10 preview builds
  • Fri, 00:32: RT @anildash: Uh @amazonecho? Our Echo just said, unbidden, "You're pretty talkative for a dead person." Any idea what would prompt such a …
  • Fri, 00:34: as expected the SilverPush apps that listen to your phone have earned a warning from the FTC
  • Fri, 05:49: OK, who do I know on the Windows team who works on touch support? all my Office touch bugs turn out to be Windows touch bugs @GabeAul
  • Fri, 05:50: RT @kylealden: @misangenius Our extensions will be vetted by the Windows Store and we're going to be managing volume to ensure quality.
  • Fri, 05:50: RT @kylealden: @nutterguy @misangenius Right now we're working 1:1 with all extensions that will be at launch. We'll throttle carefully fro…
  • Fri, 05:50: RT @kylealden: @nutterguy @misangenius Having a high-quality ecosystem is very important, especially with security & privacy concerns aroun…
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    Fri, 12:54: RT @ nathanTbernard: Maine instituted a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers last month and there have been non-stop protests…

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    Thu, 12:40: Simon updated his wonderful map of our office to include the cats and it's to scale and shows them in fairly accurate poses. Blue =…

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    Tue, 15:08: RT @ stevanzetti: UPDATE: I've been doxxed and defamed by a customer of Epik. Rob Monster just publicly acknowledged the website.…

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