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  • Tue, 22:10: RT @JeffreySchwartz: Reports of Yammer's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated - By @BuckleyPlanet #Yammer #Office365
  • Tue, 22:11: RT @caro_milanesi: and this is where looking at Apple as a vendor vs iOS as a platform gives a different perspective on numbers https://t.c…
  • Tue, 22:15: RT @caro_milanesi: Cook on China: economic conditions not impacting mainland but some softness in HK - interesting differentiation as HK is…
  • Tue, 22:16: RT @WinObs: Did you know that Apple had abandoned getting their HealthKit certified by the FDA? Heard that today for the first time. #weara
  • Tue, 22:18: I see Apple is taking Microsoft's billion user target for Windows 10 seriously
  • Tue, 22:20: RT @LoungeFlyZ: Mac sales fell year over year, by 4 percent. 5.3M units. ouch.
  • Tue, 22:24: for the mainstream, non pirating, non torrenting home user, I've always recommended Windows Defender over the CPU abusive Norton/McAfee etc
  • Tue, 22:44: RT @WhatTheBit: Microsoft constantly tells people there are 1.3 billion computers in use. No one gives a shit. No body.
  • Tue, 22:46: designers. your web site that has words on. make it so I can select them w my mouse &copy them so I can eg take a note of the confernce date
  • Tue, 22:51: RT @jkc137: The automated deployment failure that pains me the most is the paper towel dispenser in the restroom.
  • Tue, 22:53: when autocorrect is working and you deliberately lave the spelling mistake in to hit 140 cahracters
  • Tue, 22:54: RT @sixcolorsevent: Tim: Number of people who had an iPhone prior to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus announcements, Sep. 14, that have not yet upgr…
  • Tue, 22:55: the web site i couldn't copy both the name & date from at once; the speaker list doesn't populate till you scroll, then it autozooms pics ;(
  • Tue, 23:00: RT @michael_howard: Just got off a crypto call - I really wish people would understand that certs are *PUBLIC*
  • Tue, 23:00: RT @matteastwood: VMware continues to outpace declines in maturing ESX w/ growth in SDDC, vCloudAir and EUC biz. VMware managing well, but …
  • Tue, 23:02: RT @OrchestratorGuy: Do you want to participate in some product research with #AzureStack engineering? Please see the following link... htt…
  • Tue, 23:03: RT @WhatTheBit: I don't want to be *that* guy, but all this talk about currency issues and investing in India and China is what we said at …
  • Tue, 23:13: RT @MalwareMinigun: @marypcbuk @StephanTLavavej @KirillOsenkov You don't want all the machines that can build your software to have access …
  • Tue, 23:18: RT @dawnstarau: From a presentation I did last year, quick cheat sheet on excuses about not implementing HTTPS
  • Tue, 23:19: RT @bdsams: Tech bloggers learning about baskets of currencies.
  • Wed, 01:40: Hmmm. Does my kitty hat turn everyone into Bruce Willis? Demo subject @gregwardo
  • Wed, 01:41: Why yes, I am drinking every single Black Raven beer they have
  • Wed, 03:23: RT @jason_kint: I love good reporting. My other burning question - besides whether Google still pays @adblockplus - is who bought Ad Block?…
  • Wed, 05:34: UK government committe thinks 1,285 tweets from 565 contributors in 24 hours for #hocpetitions is a lot. they're really not used to twitter
  • Wed, 05:35: RT @JohnLaTwC: "We consider UAFs that are addressed by MemGC as strongly mitigated, and will not issue a security update for them." https:/…
  • Wed, 07:33: RT @charlesfitz: "IBM: Time to Open the Kimono on Cloud, Cognition, Says UBS" Bet those numbers don't bear closer scrutiny...
  • Wed, 07:34: RT @charlesfitz: "VMware is sometimes described as “the company that Michael Dell is getting for free along with EMC.”"
  • Wed, 07:44: woe unto the Enterprise, for their data is valuable and their surface area is vast
  • Wed, 08:20: Someone just asked if I want to review crotch guard ointment. Not the kind of protection I cover ;)
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    Sat, 14:45: Assume breach/zero trust is the same 'protect the data not the device/boundary' I've been writing about since Windows 8…

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    Fri, 13:34: RT @ DavidHenigUK: I recall hearing this gradual shift of staff out of the UK under European regulatory pressure predicted in 2017.…

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    Thu, 14:03: My Pro X 2 is getting offered Windows 11; I know this because the 'restart to install updates' icon in the system tray has a blue…

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