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  • Wed, 22:45: RT @tomwarren: Microsoft's Bridge for Android (Astoria) page is back online. Microsoft tells me it was down due to outage
  • Thu, 01:54: RT @kurtsh: @getwired @marypcbuk @edbott @teroalhonen App-V's polarizing. Clients are generally 100% in or out. IMHO, App-V's a sign of IT …
  • Thu, 02:03: RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Social media ethics: If it turns out you're spreading incorrect or misleading info, delete the post. I don't care how …
  • Thu, 02:13: RT @sacca: @trengriffin Larry Page has always had his eye on spectrum. Hell, he gave me $4.7b to take to the auctions to stir shit up.
  • Thu, 02:13: RT @trengriffin: @sacca MHZ/pop sale prices track that value. If Moore's law wasn't keeping up higher frequencies like 2.4 GHz would be inc…
  • Thu, 02:18: RT @lukegrange: @corza reclaiming the word 'Solution' which has been misused. A solution solves a problem with tools. The tool alone does n…
  • Thu, 02:32: RT @DjangoWexler: @ramez Dawkins does not speak for all athiests any more than Westboro speaks for all Christians.
  • Thu, 11:34: RT @LordStras: Ridiculous. Committee scrutinising massive Investigatory Powers Bill given just 2 weeks to hear witnesses. Govt turning it i…
  • Thu, 11:35: Sum of Us is right; the Daily Mail has form on supporting fascism; but a petition about those awful cartoons just looks like awareness to DM
  • Thu, 11:50: RT @PrivacyMatters: Study of 12,000 Europeans on connected cars: 95% want legislation. 90% say its their data #EuDa
  • Thu, 11:51: RT @akipekka: WTF Apple??? So I really have to turn OFF Exchange reminder syncing to get location based reminders working?!?
  • Thu, 11:54: RT @monkchips: in other news if you haven't yet done so it really is time to buy a ticket for @thingmonk DEVELOPERS, DATA, DESIGN: THE NEW …
  • Thu, 12:00: RT @MarkXA: Dear British Shop. Are you closed today for Thanksgiving? Then fire away with your Black Friday marketing. If not, then piss of…
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