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  • Wed, 15:38: really nice things happening in the next Visual Studio bringing nifty things from functional programming like pattern matching to C#
  • Wed, 15:46: LOL you may know I have a background in Pascal says Anders #connect2015
  • Wed, 15:48: What Microsoft's new developer strategy means for CIOs: cross platform, OSS & devops matters more than price tags
  • Wed, 15:49: RT @OfficeDev: Announcing Microsoft Graph general availability today! #Office365Dev
  • Wed, 15:52: Google. On stage with Microsoft, w Anders using a Mac & @bradlygreen saying they share a soul with Anders & so enthusiastic about typescript
  • Wed, 15:53: RT @DrPizza: Quitting Chrome has seen my expected battery life leap from 2:30 to 3:30 and climbing.
  • Wed, 15:55: as with the browser teams, engineer to engineer collaboration between Google &Microsoft is becoming routine. doesn't always survive altitude
  • Wed, 15:57: Visual Studio Team Services - clearer or more confusing name than Visual Studio Online? I think it should have been VS Devops Online ;)
  • Wed, 16:03: RT @cwoodruff: HOLY CRAP!! I just saw a XCode reference in the VS Team Services demo!! What is happening?? #Connect2015
  • Wed, 16:05: Islandwood a living breathing project: Windows Bridge for iOS: Where we are and where we are headed #uwp
  • Wed, 19:54: RT @Pinboard: Second-best part of conference is techies mansplaining on Twitter why working a 60 hour week as an underpaid driver is a grea…
  • Wed, 20:09: so Anders nails all my reservations about web assembly; paraphrase - native code in the browser without some of the key advantages of native
  • Wed, 20:38: kevin gallo trailing possibility of x86 apps running on phone in Continuum mode as very interesting but "having challenges" #Connect2015
  • Wed, 20:38: RT @mstranslator: Peek under the hood of our example @MSTranslator apps on @GitHub to see how they work and start coding your own https://t…
  • Wed, 22:02: RT @DynamicWebPaige: one year-long, agonizing compliance concern: solved with a 30-line VBA Outlook macro I fucking love computers
  • Wed, 22:13: hahahahahaha 55 to 60% U.S. consumers thought a website's privacy policy meant that the company doesn’t share their data
  • Wed, 22:14: cross-device tracking; maybe the FTC will do something, maybe it will get awfully intrusive
  • Wed, 22:37: RT @dangillmor: Risk is not an unacceptable element of liberty. It is at the core of liberty. Wishing even one major politician would say t…
  • Thu, 01:09: RT @dstorey: An actual real comment “VSC [Visual Studio @code] has revolutionized how I code on Linux. Thank you, Microsoft!” – https://t.c…
  • Thu, 01:11: RT @shanselman: If there's any confusion about WHY we pushed Microsoft to embrace open source: @ASPNET5 RUNNING ON LEGO MINDSTORMS https://…
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