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  • Mon, 13:43: Marriott buying Starwood, promising to deliver savings; does that mean W won't be as nice? :( wonder if Starwood gold for life will survive
  • Mon, 13:51: RT @stevesi: 5/ In real time, knowing silent majority v vocal minority v broad generation change is hard. No matter what happens someone sa…
  • Mon, 14:07: RT @im_on_17: Oh nice. @bdsams
  • Mon, 14:09: RT @mtaulty: @thebeebs that's right 😉 Common As Possible, Differentiated As Necessary.
  • Mon, 14:56: Couriers to avoid #DPD just left parcel on the doorstep, no note, never rang the bell (Arlo videoed it) #couriercam
  • Mon, 15:15: one publisher I work for only takes JPEG not PNG & DOC not DOCX because automated systems; weird to regress so much
  • Mon, 15:50: the #onedrive lag on new files going into the recent list makes the #outlook recent attachment feature break; new file is MIA. worst for PDF
  • Mon, 16:01: the most annoying thing about Outlook smart extensions not working all of the time; you can't rely on it, but Outlook pushes them at you
  • Mon, 16:29: RT @scott_humble: @marypcbuk New technical debt is even worse.
  • Mon, 16:31: doesn't matter that the smart attachments in #outlook worked flawlessly 10 times in a row; the three times they were MIA means I can't trust
  • Mon, 16:49: oh! my first @MSEdgeDev crash - opened a twitter page for a particular person and bang goes the whole edge window
  • Mon, 16:56: RT @timanderson: @marypcbuk one of the OneDrive mysteries is its ability to combine the disadvantages of online and offline
  • Mon, 17:00: Office UI Fabric; OSS responsive framework for skinning addins for Office
  • Mon, 17:03: from 2009 but a useful primer on the tension between US discovery & EU data protection (PDF)
  • Mon, 17:04: I've seen three utterly different prices from different people looking at Lumia pre-orders - storage? region? @gcaughey @HorhayAtAMD
  • Mon, 17:07: uber talks about making money as a driver as if it was a right with no responsibilities that might require it to be regulated; onesided view
  • Mon, 17:11: RT @codepo8: Got to love that Pornhub runs a SFW data analysis blog and explain their traffic effect of the Fallout 4 release
  • Mon, 17:12: RT @timbray: 3. The only sane, courageous thing to do is: Nothing much. Go on with life. Cops stop most terrorists. Stopping more has negat…
  • Mon, 17:39: when did Michigan get as crazy as Texas? is it jealous of the attention Indiana got?
  • Mon, 17:40: RT @ianbremmer: Why do I think that whatever the response to the ISIS attacks, the Syrian people will suffer the most.
  • Tue, 02:48: RT @sgalineau: BREAKING: governors keenest on respect of US Constitution forget it gives them no authority on accepting or refusing refugee…
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