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  • Sun, 05:13: RT @meyerweb: CORRECTION: browsers other than MS Edge, which gets 'space' right, so far as I can tell. Microsoft: showing how it’s done.
  • Sun, 05:13: RT @hj_chen: @meyerweb I find myself telling fellow devs how edge and even ie11 sometimes behave better than their counterparts
  • Sun, 05:21: High ice ring around the moon - manual exposure on #Lumia as auto is lots of grain
  • Sun, 05:30: Driving Santa Cruz to Paso Robles on weekends; you're behind lots of slow, inexperienced Sur-today drivers. Lovely views though ;)
  • Sun, 07:06: @simonhackett shift from mainframe/timeshare to PC model but are the diagnostics comparable?
  • Sun, 07:09: RT @davidadonaldson: Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster statement on having their application for charity status rejected
  • Sun, 07:16: Every so often I check comments on the #OneDrive placeholder Uservoice; 20,027 votes, always newly frustrated users
  • Sun, 07:31: oh #onedrive could you make up your mind if you're online or not?
  • Sun, 09:03: the easiest way to manage what #onedrive folders I sync in Windows 10 is factory reset & start from scratch every few months; this is crazy
  • Sun, 09:06: oh god, Internet, I'm sorry, UK PM Cameron is being crazy on encryption again. this is UK pr0n filters writ very large and very stupid
  • Sun, 09:07: RT @PrivacyMatters: Bruce Schneier: David Cameron's encryption ban would 'destroy the internet'
  • Sun, 09:15: don't freak out about cats &toxo; it's a tiny infection window after cat is infected & you'd have to leave the catbox dirty for days as well
  • Sun, 09:18: RT @akipekka: Want to know where your company is headed? Just insert turnover & profit from past 5 years to Excel 2016 and let it forecast.
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