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  • Wed, 02:16: does Sathynz mean anything to anyone?
  • Wed, 02:20: RT @perigrin: @judell that is the marketing version. "Hoisted by our own petard" caused too many questions about what a petard was.
  • Wed, 02:26: when @JamesMPhillips told me Power BI Desktop would get lots of updates it seems he meant it
  • Wed, 04:25: current email state: unread 808. feeling very techno ;)
  • Wed, 04:35: so Power BI is basically doing feature extraction (classic machine learning function) on your data set by default
  • Wed, 04:37: any time a PR says what amounts to 'we were hoping the journalist would write the story we wanted' they should stop & not say it out loud
  • Wed, 04:45: RT @joebelfiore: This new FB update takes advantage of some platform-specific stuff, like interactive notifications, etc. Let us know what…
  • Wed, 04:56: RT @ParkerMolloy: If the Cubs get knocked out of the playoffs tomorrow (10/21/15) on Back to the Future day, that will be the Cubsiest thin…
  • Wed, 05:37: RT @ZeroesAndPuns: CIA director: "I need to get on this Internet thing." [Slowly peels AOL free trial CD off the cover of Spycraft Weekly m…
  • Wed, 05:38: So the Windows Mobile Facebook app gets updated just before @joebelfiore takes his family on a long trip that he needs to blog? good timing!
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