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  • Fri, 15:27: oh no! LogMeIn bought LastPass? haven't yet read the comments on the blog but they OUGHT to be awful. LMI doesn't have the trust LP earned
  • Fri, 15:31: RT @GRoshak: Impassioned plea by @Doctorow to investors: take long view+bet on circumvent devices Lay groundwork viz Supreme Court 10yr hrz…
  • Fri, 15:33: RT @hughbradlow: Cory Doctorow: Lives will be destroyed by database breaches #FiReCon2015
  • Fri, 15:33: RT @Chrisella: Privacy breaches will only accelerate. Major corporate databases are no better protected than AM or OPM - @doctorow #FiReCon
  • Fri, 15:33: RT @GRoshak: @Doctorow jumpstarts morning discussion: passionate explana of DMCA creating monopoly rents & John Deere/Monsanto stranglehold…
  • Fri, 15:39: Doctorow: YouTube forced the terms of 4 main record labels on indies for its streaming service; new boss same as the old boss #FiReCon2015
  • Fri, 15:41: Joseph Smarr emphasizing gathering personal data for Google machine learning, missing out huge importance of mass training data #firecon2015
  • Fri, 15:42: have we chosen the best replacement for LastPass yet? 1Password didn't have the same proven reputation last time I checked. hurry up FIDO
  • Fri, 15:48: I notice I'm not expecting the LastPass team to be able to improve Log Me In's trust and reputation...
  • Fri, 15:51: "consciousness is like pr0n, we'll know it when we see it" me: that's both true and just postponing the question #firecon2015
  • Fri, 15:58: US Constitution written by people for people not humans for humans: implications for rights of animals if have consciousness? #firecon2015
  • Fri, 16:06: I was asked to repeat my comment about NASA having just scienced the shit out of The Martian #firecon2015
  • Fri, 16:07: @gcaughey is today a good day for you to advertise a bit? ;)
  • Fri, 16:09: RT @gcaughey: @marypcbuk I did consider it. Password Padlock is free and secure. It's not as full-featured as LastPass though.
  • Fri, 16:09: getting Russia involved in the ISS helped them come out of the cold war; we have peace in space (so far) #firecon2015
  • Fri, 16:12: Dan Goldin ex NASA: can do self driving cars, so can put up small rockets & have them self assemble in space to bigger vehicle #firecon2015
  • Fri, 16:14: RT @bigjsl: The guy on the right built the ISS. Guy on the left built a good chunk of the internet. Talking Mars #FiReCon2015
  • Fri, 16:16: we know how to do the rocket part, but even NASA couldn't write the 30k lines of secure, reliable code needed to get to Mars #firecon2015
  • Fri, 16:21: RT @gcaughey: @marypcbuk The biggest difference with Password Padlock is if you forget your password, I can't tell it to you because I don'…
  • Fri, 16:26: Dan Goldin saying need MIMD not SIMD for voice recognition reminds me of Dr Tim 'transputer' King lecturing me on MIMD in '96 #FiReCon2015
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