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  • Thu, 17:55: RT @ChrisJohnRiley: #BruCON Servers are for serving… if you have Office/anything Adobe on it, then you're failing. Std images should have N…
  • Thu, 17:56: RT @hughbradlow: Corinna Lathan: 67% of deaths worldiwide are from non-communicable diseases; mental illness accounts for 1/3 of that numbe…
  • Thu, 18:14: RT @Jessicalessin: "We never talk about an IPO in terms of windows.. We talk about putting it off as long as possible." @nathanblech #subsc
  • Thu, 18:17: RT @ID_AA_Carmack: Post-Connect I have been busy working with @_tomcc and the Microsoft/Mojang team on Minecraft for Oculus. Coming along …
  • Thu, 18:22: RT @tomwarren: Everyone asking about new Microsoft devices in UK: Surface Pro 4: November 12th Microsoft Band 2: November 19th Surface Boo…
  • Thu, 18:31: RT @berit_anderson: From this morning’s #FiReCon2015: Stealth Japan— Inside the world’s most under-valued economy.
  • Thu, 18:40: If you take away only one thing from #firecon2015 on China: in China, government commerce and the military work together as a single entity
  • Thu, 18:40: RT @Chrisella: #FiReCon2015 panel: China in recession now. Collapse could b triggered by bad debt in banking system, property prices, polit…
  • Thu, 18:46: Security in digital world we live in i fundamentally broken. cannot trust anything online is happening the way you think it is #FiReCon2015
  • Thu, 18:49: reasons for hacking have swung back a bit? Ashley Madison shows might be for shock value as well as financial value #FiReCon2015
  • Thu, 20:27: Amazon is a cheap place to squat but it gets very expensive if you want to live there #firecon2015 slightly aggressive view from Cisco
  • Thu, 20:30: Microsoft connected cows again but this time in Israel not Japan #firecon2015
  • Thu, 20:30: RT @futureinreview: Microsoft's James Staten "There are three things you're going to get from the cloud: speed, scale and enablement." #FiR
  • Thu, 20:36: more sensible, mature view of cloud, especially hybrid & value of how well cloud does security, from Oracle than we used to see #firecon2015
  • Thu, 20:37: RT @BenBromhead: With every #awsreinvent new service announcement I can hear the cries of a dozen startups
  • Thu, 22:10: terrifying notion Intellectual venture wants to spray sulphur aerosol over the poles & question of who controls that thermostat #firecon2015
  • Thu, 22:14: RT @hughbradlow: Mike Winder, Zion Bank: Japan has crossed the "diaper point" - more adult diapers are sold than children's diapers #FiReCo
  • Thu, 22:18: Karl Keirstead, Deutsche Bank: when we in this room attend Red Hat events, it's basically a Docker CON event these days. ouch
  • Thu, 22:20: Retooling missile assembly lines to build satellites - now that's what I call a peace dividend #firecon2015
  • Thu, 22:21: RT @GRoshak: @jhagel regarding disruption of incumbents: “capacity for rationalization is infinite” #FiReCon2015
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    Fri, 12:54: RT @ nathanTbernard: Maine instituted a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers last month and there have been non-stop protests…

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