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  • Wed, 16:28: must not snark the fact that IBM has just created a consulting group for cognitive computing, because Global Services always drives IBM
  • Wed, 16:39: sad that #Tweetium 4 seems to have lot its ability to remember what its window size was before I rebooted @BrandonLive
  • Wed, 16:44: RT @hughbradlow: Dharmendra Modha says that brain-inspired coprocessors in sensors and smartphone are "inevitable but unpredictable" #FiReC
  • Wed, 16:52: I love Mike Riddle's idea of biomimetic programing but encapsulated objectoriented programming didn't take off the last 5 times #firecon2015
  • Wed, 16:54: RT @charlesfitz: Skynet far more likely to come from adtech gone awry than any explicit AI project.
  • Wed, 16:56: @BrandonLive hmmm, is this a bug? was in the middle of writing a tweet, new tweets arrived and the tweet posted without letting me finish?
  • Wed, 17:01: hah! Tom Stonehocker; the 80 80 rule, you spend 80% of your time building the code and 80% debugging it #firecon2015
  • Wed, 17:06: Hound internet assistant does well at conversational results (how about one open late) & negatives (excluding sushi bars); nice #firecon2015
  • Wed, 17:10: Hound assistant driving a coffee machine & sounding like she's had way too much caffeine already #firecon2015
  • Wed, 17:12: Utah is weird; giant balls on a stick beside the Salt Lake as we drove to #firecon2015
  • Wed, 17:18: The Bonneville salt flats look like your average 70s SF movie set
  • Wed, 17:20: Cortana, Alexa, Hound all taking the approach that voice assistance needs to pull in multiple sources/control multiple devices #firecon2015
  • Wed, 17:22: usually #firecon2015 is in southern CA; sadly Utah is too cold for Kamran Elahian to come in his trademark shorts!
  • Wed, 17:54: RT @TechKnowTony: @marypcbuk If you're joyriding around the Salt Lake check out the Spiral Jetty ...human-made art.
  • Wed, 18:02: HP's multi-jet fusion will make 3D printing far more functional but we'll have to teach people how to do good design themselves #firecon2015
  • Wed, 18:03: RT @hughbradlow: HP's Multi-jet Fusion 3D printing technology will increase the speed 10 times, cost 20% of today's technologies #FiReCon20
  • Wed, 18:06: nice that HP is thinking about the IP issues of reliable 3D printing and how you watermark to combat design theft; difficult problem
  • Wed, 18:17: HP 3D printers will have a signature that allows you to find what printer made a part; like ink printers do today for forensics #firecon2015
  • Wed, 18:22: all discussions of IP in 3D printers make me think of hacking the Gotti maker in @warrenellis Transmetropolitan #firecon2015
  • Wed, 18:27: connecting older cars with an open platform is an awesome idea but I'm worried that Mojo didn't once mention security issues #firecon2015
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