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  • Wed, 04:00: If hyperloop ever happens it will have screens not windows & you'll need an ad blocker to cope with all the ads they'll have ;) #firecon2015
  • Wed, 04:06: Because apparently not everyone knows that "roman chariot to rail gauge" is an urban myth" here's NASA https://t.co/sAl0maCtSs #firecon2015
  • Wed, 04:19: RT @wincent: Larry Wall: "We don't have time to fix all the bugs, so we'll start with the ones that people might mistake for features."
  • Wed, 05:11: RT @XboxQwik: Really liking the teams work on the Xbox app beta in Windows 10 store. Notifications in Win10 let you respond inline for mess…
  • Wed, 05:53: are we still committed to making people unpack the knapsack of their privilege? have we considered just stuffing them into it instead?
  • Wed, 05:55: yaaaaaaaaay! the ellipsis menu is back in #Tweetium 4 instead of that godawful fiddly dumb charms replacement Microsoft foisted on Win10



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