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Walked, fed and watered

Sleeping on the plane let me stay awake right through tonight - though I nearly fell asleep waiting for my luggage. After finally getting my bag back it was weird to put it on a conveyer belt that runs alongside the underground train. Also weird: the sculpture wall of iron grass and wood staves (also iron).

The hotel is diagonally across from a huge mall but I shall save shopping for later :-) elimloth (I can't get @' tags right in email posts) came by and we walked across town to find a way out to the lake. We ended up on a bench overlooking a little marina where I saw a fibreglass owl spinning in the rigging! Lovely views onto the lake and the splash of water and diving swooping birds like swifts but with red waistcoat fronts. They were there to thin out the clouds of insects... Local insect bites don't compete with whatever bit my knee in London, which is still alarmigly red (far better than scary red this morning though!).

We walked back through a park with a lovely water feature: a stream runs in a wide circular sweep down lots of little cascades (alternating a cascade and a footbridge) to a reflecting pool with a curtain of water sheeting off the side. There's a more traditional fountain at the top: I also saw a lovely water sculpture outside the bank with fountain heads like flowers with water gushing out in curving sheets and a pretty water sculpture on a deck by the lake.

Thanks to elimloth for a delicious dinner at PF Changs: shanghai street dumplings are a steamed bun with a crisped base and sweet dipping sauace (or the dipping sauce they mix to your taste at the table). Then we had mu shu pork (because I can't get it back home) and ground chicken with egg plant (the ground chicken pieces are about peanut sized). Yum. And sleep now!


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9th Aug, 2004 08:07 (UTC)
Sounds like the Hyatt in Bellevue - in that case, make sure somebody takes you to the Daniel's Broiler on the roof!

Did you notice that the train between the terminals looks just like the one in Half Life?
9th Aug, 2004 08:31 (UTC)
Oh yes, I've been there. Excellent steaks. I'd forgotten all about that!
9th Aug, 2004 11:07 (UTC)
Amazing Steaks, although as M has pointed out to me - you simple cannot call a 14oz steak a "Mignon"... (and that's the lady's cut :) )
9th Aug, 2004 08:32 (UTC)
Sounds like the Princess Diana Memorial, but working!
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