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  • Tue, 15:02: it's no insult when I say the Blackberry Priv looks like it was designed by Nokia; but how big is the market for work phones, really?
  • Tue, 15:08: oh, I *love* the picture CSO has put on my piece about the responsibility of BYOK
  • Tue, 15:38: now axel springer, who sued AdBlocker, part owns BI, what will their editorial on ad blockers look like?
  • Tue, 15:48: RT @Carnage4Life: Interesting that Google created meme that companies that charge for software are bad. Now meme is ads based apps are evil…
  • Tue, 15:57: ok, processor company that has a logo like two hands washing each other/passing fish - any ideas?
  • Tue, 15:58: RT @aaronbjork: @Johnmont Everyone tries to be... but they're asking the wrong question. Success isn't the destination, it's the way we han…
  • Tue, 16:04: RT @sbisson: So this is the new flash drive press kit: A small USB screen with a rechargeable battery. Eminently hackable!
  • Tue, 17:12: RT @ClintRutkas: Lumia Imaging SDK 3.0 now available with UWP support
  • Tue, 17:14: RT @alex: at #BoxWorks nearly every analyst is a dude on a pc, while nearly all press is Macs + more gender diversity
  • Tue, 17:18: So Azure conference, BoxWorks and Nexus announcement all streaming against each other ;)
  • Tue, 17:27: RT @gcaughey: Most of Jet's microservices running on Azure are implemented in F#. Whole system was built in a year. #AzureCon
  • Tue, 17:29: RT @film_girl: Nexus 5, 6, 7, 9 and Nexus Player will get Android Marshmallow next week.
  • Tue, 17:36: RT @robpegoraro: Somebody said "it's still early days" at a Google event. Drink!
  • Tue, 17:36: RT @jandawson: All the evidence so far is that new, low-priced Android devices do far more harm to premium Android than to iPhone sales.
  • Tue, 17:59: yeah, keep that Scott Redshirt away from your admin tools ;) #azurecon
  • Tue, 18:00: RT @jonathansampson: It's not "IE Edge". It's just Edge, MS Edge, or Microsoft Edge. It has little, if any, resemblance to Internet Explore…
  • Tue, 18:04: RT @tomwarren: I’m glad the new Chromecast “has a brand new look!” I always stare at the back of my TV looking for colorful things http://t…
  • Tue, 18:06: Chromecast Audio - budget version of Sonos's original no-speaker player?
  • Tue, 18:11: RT @thurrott: Pixel tablet. Because two turkeys do make an eagle, according to a quick search of Google.
  • Tue, 18:13: hmmm, Google might want to do a web search on detachable keyboard tablet lapability
  • Tue, 18:13: RT @sbisson: "You get a Surface! You get a Surface! You all get a Surface!" (Device name may vary)
  • Tue, 18:14: RT @gcaughey: Ford is embedding IoT sensors in all their vehicles. TheyssenKrup is doing the same for elevators. Pre-emptive service is the…
  • Tue, 18:17: I've come up with a name for that difficult 2 in 1 category: SuriPixel Pro-face
  • Tue, 18:21: restart Windows 8.1; IE, Explorer, Outlook, OneNote & control panel windows all reopen. restart Windows 10; maybe 1 explorer window if lucky
  • Tue, 18:29: RT @Isarmatrose: #Microsoft's @StevenGuggs sees it like @tim_cook: "Days of all or nothing are gone", @Microsoft knows how to be a platform…
  • Tue, 18:31: hey, Box has their own Office Lens ;)
  • Tue, 18:36: RT @nickromyn: Akamai and Microsoft teaming up to provide advanced CDN capacity. Great for shipping massive amounts of data to your custome…
  • Tue, 20:04: ok, 1400 words seems to be where the Office 2016 screen blanking on touch bug kicks in ;(
  • Wed, 02:02: Google Ads will now find you by email address; hyper targeted ads. Hello creepy line passing under our feet
  • Wed, 02:05: RT @majornelson: Great news: EVERYONE on Xbox One is getting 12-person Party Chat today. (Xbox One & Xbox App on Windows 10.) No preview re…
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    Sun, 13:31: RT @ mtarral: libmicrovmi now has an official Windows release Bundled drivers: - VirtualBox (icebox) -…

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    Sat, 14:45: Assume breach/zero trust is the same 'protect the data not the device/boundary' I've been writing about since Windows 8…

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    Fri, 13:34: RT @ DavidHenigUK: I recall hearing this gradual shift of staff out of the UK under European regulatory pressure predicted in 2017.…

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