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  • Mon, 20:08: RT @teroalhonen: Windows 10's Security telemetry level is available only on Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education, and Windows 10 …
  • Mon, 20:34: the radio just told me they'd checked twitter to see if facebook was down #modernlife
  • Mon, 20:46: RT @rob_bamforth: @marypcbuk a smart meter fed efficiency savings into the gamified grid & I was rewarded with a bonus overtake pass? Inter…
  • Mon, 21:15: wait, not only is the PC not dead, neither is the desktop? hmmm. IDC Europe, only 600 in survey
  • Mon, 21:51: Microsoft has to keep listening politely to the tinfoil conspiracy nuts; the rest of us can mock, right?
  • Mon, 21:59: I love the Excel 'offset the selection by an inch from where you actually clicked' bug #notreally
  • Tue, 01:22: RT @DrPizza: so basically the pitch of medium: "it's a place you can stick advertorial without bothering to disclose it"?
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