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  • Fri, 12:39: So that's blackberry validating Blackphone by brining out a 'secure' Android handset then ;)
  • Fri, 12:53: RT @gcaughey: TIL Edge is smart enough to know who you frequently share links with via email and offers that choice when you tap Share. Thx…
  • Fri, 15:16: RT @Ricky_Myers: @marypcbuk @torsampo @thurrott @bdsams So I finally did some research about the HDHomeRun Prime and they do support DRM re…
  • Fri, 15:16: RT @Ricky_Myers: @marypcbuk @torsampo @thurrott @bdsams DTCP-IP and WMDRM plus Silicon Dust is buildind DVR software due to Windows 10 drop…
  • Fri, 15:55: So the reg key on the Microsoft support site that's supposed to block the windows 10 offer doesn't ;(
  • Fri, 16:06: Why it was so crazy for Microsoft to drop the Store Skype app; 8" tablets
  • Fri, 16:11: why it was so crazy for Microsoft to drop the Store Skype app: 8" tablets (the easier to see version)
  • Fri, 16:30: so in tablet mode on windows 10 the only way to get onscreen keyboard is for it to detect a typing field; that was a Windows 8 UX mistake
  • Fri, 16:31: this afternoon's rant brought to you courtesy of 'Mary is setting up a lovely little 8" Windows 10 tablet & hitting all the dumb decisions'
  • Fri, 16:38: Office 2016 makes sense of subscription - herewith my full-length Office 2016 review plus the latest Office Mobile
  • Fri, 16:39: loaded with in-depth details: I think my editor is saying I write a lot of words ;)
  • Fri, 16:42: RT @scott_humble: VW emissions scandal reveals major flaw in what tech journalists actually know about auto control systems and the IoT (la…
  • Fri, 16:48: Cortana on an 8" tablet in UK English keyboard - that still just doesn't work, right? @marcusash
  • Fri, 17:03: also, usual rant about how all the Microsoft apps offer to make themselves default, forgetting Windows 10 is only going to tell you to DIY
  • Fri, 17:44: RT @stevage1: Whoa. I just accidentally wrote some JavaScript poetry: return when.all(promises).yield(true);
  • Fri, 17:51: 'Recalc or Die': 30 years later, Microsoft Excel 1.0 developers in a delightful reminiscence
  • Fri, 18:01: RT @taviso: @InsanityBit MSE/Windows Defender isn't a *complete* mess, and it's free, and has a reasonably competent security team...
  • Fri, 20:03: RT @xjoeduffyx: Fun blog about the past, present, and future of our C++ compiler front-end efforts.
  • Fri, 22:37: RT @FredericJacobs: I got many requests to enable Bitcode on iOS projects I maintain. Here's why that's not gonna happen.
  • Fri, 22:40: Coming soon: New features for managing Windows 10 and iOS 9 with Intune
  • Sat, 11:37: RT @OreoSpeedwagon_: Cats tend to touch things that they know nothing about, break them then flee like they didn't do it. They would make g…
  • Sat, 11:38: RT @doubleyewdee: AOSP continues its march to abandonware by Google while they move more and more into their proprietary Services package.
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