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  • Thu, 12:13: RT @VirtualPCGuy: @DrPizza - It turns out that everyone on the Hyper-V team are good boys and girls; and none of us use blank passwords. :-)
  • Thu, 12:17: RT @shanelandry: Wondering how many folks knew that Xbox has been able to do Natural Language Voice search for movies/tv/games/music for ye…
  • Thu, 12:19: RT @matthew_d_green: A less snarky lesson from the TSA key leak: if you don't have a plan to renew security when your master key leaks, for…
  • Thu, 13:17: @VirginWines hey - do you have a link for what's in the next mixed discovery case?
  • Thu, 13:25: ok, I can't see the weight of the Pro keyboard anywhere; has Apple just not given it? did no-one take scales to the event?
  • Thu, 13:55: Estimated weight of Ipad Pro & keyboard 727+300=1027g Surface Pro 3 (Core) 800g+295g=1095g Surface 3 (Atom) 622g+265g=887g
  • Thu, 13:56: 2" of glass is heavy
  • Thu, 14:06: RT @jphelminen: Ex- #Nokia UX design execs heading to #Foxconn Does it mean Nokia-branded handsets coming to life soon?
  • Thu, 14:50: RT @bdsams: The amount of smugness on this page is thick enough to knit a sweater.
  • Thu, 14:53: RT @sgalineau: The choice of web tech in tvOS makes the weird web-based crap used to build 'modern' Win8 apps look pretty good. Impressive.
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