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I don't feel any older, so I just plan to ignore the age thing until it actually bites me...

My mum sent me a gorgeous basket of flowers on Saturday - begonia and African violets that will pot up beautifully, with orchid blooms in flower tubes. Also on Saturday we won a quiz at the 'world science fiction convention bid for 2005' open meeting (er - a bunch of people wanting to hold the worldcon in Glasgow in 2005 had a meeting about it).

Simon bought me a lovely print by Michael Whelan which is the cover of one of my favourite books - H Beam Piper: Little Fuzzy - and a set of test tubes in a beech stand full of 9 kinds of honey!

I was looking for a site with the fuzzy image on and I found it here but it turns out not to be from Little Fuzzy itself but from the children's edition: it's called Peekaboo Fuzzy. And while I was looking I found this page on making your own! Odd but cute!

And Sunday we had a lazy morning then drove down to Brighton via Box Hill (thronged with bikers) and Surrey which is a very pretty route with a lot of gorgeous bluebell woods - I love the fugitive, impossible blue of the bells, it makes me wistful just like snowdrops in winter and poppies in a summer cornfield. We wandered around the North Lanes and at on the beach throwing pebbles at the impressive surf and goggling at the chap swimming in his T shirt. My mum is thinking of moving down to the coast and I think we'll visit rather more if she does!

We drove back via Worthing and lots of little country roads and went to the Moroccan restaurant for duck bastilla and hummous and babaganoush and mozzarella salad and lamb tagine and couscous and some rather lovely Algerian wine. If only I didn't have a cold!


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26th Apr, 2002 21:13 (UTC)
Happy Birthday!
Pick an evening, come around and I'll get you a cake (probably only a small one but I'll see if I can find a candle for it!)
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