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  • Thu, 13:05: RT @doubleyewdee: So we're inching closer to an OSS Windows service that will let you write arbitrary ETW queries with a real time service …
  • Thu, 13:24: There is a cold brew and Ibarra chocolate mocha in my immediate future ;)
  • Thu, 13:30: RT @benwerd: When I tell people I used to legally have 28 minimum vacation days a year, they look at me almost as weirdly as when I say the…
  • Thu, 13:37: Is Neal Stephenson suing Facebook for reinventing the person powered book from Diamond Age? #virtualnotvirtual
  • Thu, 13:40: RT @npseaver: two things that in anthro theory are essentially tied up with risk: magic and secrecy. something something black boxes haunte…
  • Thu, 13:40: RT @npseaver: this is probably the topic of my after-dissertation contribution to the magickal turn in tech criticism
  • Thu, 13:44: RT @nigelwUK: Just think what could have been achieve with the night tube if, just once in 9 years, Boris had talked to tube workers!
  • Thu, 13:49: RT @DrPinball: Last day so working on my new mission statement, torn between 'Turning Every Day Into Saturday' and 'Nothing To Do, All Day …
  • Thu, 13:52: RT @akipekka: Prepare to update Office 365 ProPlus to the Office 2016 version
  • Thu, 15:03: RT @browserstack: @tomasdev @molant We are working to update Edge browser on BrowserStack which would fix the HTTP Basic Auth issue. We wil…
  • Fri, 01:54: RT @bgurley: Met a financial analyst who is modeling Google non-core as a negative cash flow in perpetuity, arguing that $(GoogleCore) > $(…
  • Fri, 01:55: RT @jonathansampson: I should clarify; 88% of ES6 ships in Microsoft Edge, but some of it sits behind a flag. 77% of ES6 ships on-by-defaul…
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