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  • Fri, 13:38: RT @brian_bilston: NAME CALLING Some names like Beauchamp, get mispronounced unless you teauchamp, thought Siobhan Cholmondley, glolmondl…
  • Fri, 13:39: RT @bahiadeprimeira: @ThomasNigro VLC for Windows 10 Mobile is working perfectly with hardware acceleration turned on my L730 running in 72…
  • Fri, 13:40: RT @hacks4pancakes: A reminder, if the AM breach scares you, Google knows where and when you live, work, exercise, your email and chat, you…
  • Fri, 13:42: Deleting Spotify? Remember to read the privacy policy and permissions on all your other apps too. Like Twitter... Lots of info gathering
  • Fri, 13:54: RT @mikebaz: the "all programs" vs. "hamburger menu" thing on the Tablet Mode Windows 10 Start Screen continues to catch me after all this …
  • Fri, 15:08: interesting Chrome proposal for replacing prefixes with limited experiments reminds me of @jacobrossi ideas
  • Fri, 15:10: Working with external data in Excel 2016 for Mac - ODBC & MSQuery for being more like Windows Excel
  • Fri, 15:29: RT @eldsjal: SORRY. Privacy super impt. We should have done better explaining new terms. Just posted; hope it clears things up.
  • Fri, 15:32: So my favorite of the articles I wrote for CITEworld - my massive history of IE - is back online, now on InfoWorld, and updated to today
  • Fri, 15:45: RT @bdsams: "I want my phone and apps to give me local info" Loses their mind when privacy policy reflects it needs to use your GPS.
  • Fri, 18:42: RT @CarmenCrincoli: Came in this morning to my third new build this week. Canaries are flying full speed ahead again.
  • Fri, 18:52: if we're going to have Crowdworkers powering the Internet, we should give them decent working conditions
  • Fri, 19:06: RT @hausdorff_space: TechCrunch broke the story, so I can talk about it: for the past few months, I've been porting Mesos to Windows. http:…
  • Fri, 19:07: RT @dalmaer: OH: "Glassdoor, therapy for people quitting a job"
  • Fri, 19:08: RT @maryjofoley: MS blog post -- What Power BI and Google Analytics can do together:
  • Fri, 19:09: RT @ericlaw: @goldshtn @stevesi Warning: Thread has zero possibility of converging.
  • Fri, 19:11: RT @ReneVe6a: Love lawyers: client was not cooking meth, trying to understand the drug to teach training exercises to other NIST police off…
  • Fri, 19:14: drones hovering over you on the beach; remember Lenir headbutting the flying camera in Babylon Five, anyone?
  • Fri, 19:21: the time in which conversations rom my twitter feed end up as BI articles is dropping. must be August again
  • Fri, 19:27: lionizing the ticket-scalpers of the hired car industry just because they use a popular app
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