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Blast from the past

I picked up the last of my comics from my mum's house (she's planning to move again) and I've been looking through to see which ones to keep. What did I read in the 80s? Lots of Groo. Funny animals like The Dreamery and Contractors (Ken Macklin, creator of the fabulous Dr Watchstop). Mage, Grendel, Silverback. Doug Moench's Electric Warrior (the Robocop story years before set on another planet). Angel Love, a short-lasting comic about a waitress in New York, her friends (hip and hapless) and the cockroaches that act as a running commentary on her life; oh yes, and Halo, the guardian angle she draws to talk to...

Major differences? The paper quality is awful and the printing is vile; while some of the art is excellent, especially in the Eclipse and Comico titles, a lot of it was pedestrian line art with a dreary colour wash over it. And the ads are all for other comics, for Hershey bars or for Grit and catalogue offers; none of the music, film, video game and other pop culture ads that make comics profitable enough to pay for good paper and printing these days...
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