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  • Thu, 20:05: RT @gcaughey: You can download the new open source iOS bridge for Windows here:
  • Thu, 20:35: RT @blowdart: Why aren't we calling car hacks drive-bys?
  • Thu, 20:37: RT @WithinRafael: Microsoft took a bunch of code from @steipete, @soffes, @BigZaphod, potentially others for iOS stuff today. Racing to fix…
  • Thu, 20:42: RT @nimatra: Windows 10 has been out for a week now and I've got 2 calls for a #WindowsDeveloper position already. I had none in 2 years.
  • Thu, 21:09: RT @scott_humble: Wild guess: The tech press will stop writing FUD about Windows 10 when people stop clicking on their articles.
  • Thu, 21:11: RT @getwired: @arebee It just works. It often only works from the command-line, however.
  • Thu, 21:16: RT @charlesfitz: Never mind fantasy sports, fantasy security now popular amongst the Fortune 500.
  • Thu, 21:16: having coffee with a PR today, say that IBM will spend a billion on just about anything. check twitter; IBM has just spent a billion ;)
  • Thu, 21:23: RT @tomwarren: I just paid to stream a movie, and it’s actually just easier to pirate it than try and get this streaming app on my TV. Sign…
  • Thu, 21:25: @jonathansampson two edge bugs for you ;) 1 you have the same problem with First Direct payments that Immersive IE had that took ~1yr to fix
  • Thu, 21:26: @jonathansampson targeting most recent Edge window for links from #Tweetium doesn't work well when that's banking kiosk window @BrandonLive
  • Thu, 21:32: Algorithm Aimed at Combating Science’s Reproducibility Problem - also issues of big data literacy!
  • Thu, 21:42: RT @sbisson: Got a Klout perk offering me the Red Bull magazine. What I really want is a Klout perk that would let me unsubscribe from Red …
  • Thu, 21:43: RT @ThomasNigro: Wanna help? Ask me the link for VLC WinRT beta package and give me some feedback and bugs you found. Will fix them for tom…
  • Thu, 21:43: RT @natfriedman: Well, that was fast. We just raised $7600 to help SF homeless in less than an hour. Best birthday present ever!!
  • Thu, 21:43: RT @SSomasegar: Team Foundation Server 2015 Now Available
  • Thu, 21:47: RT @P4OL1N4: My virtual reality is a world where @TIME created that cover knowing it would be meme material. #VR
  • Thu, 21:50: speed of the new Microsoft: open source hot new project, make an attribution mistake, fix attribution mistake - all in about two hours
  • Thu, 21:52: RT @iamdevloper: Startup timeline: Day 1: We'll write it in Rails, this'll be great ... Day 285: Oh god Rails doesn't scale. REWRITE Ev…
  • Thu, 22:23: RT @dwlz: To pore through a just open-sourced codebase and use it to make fun of Microsoft is a crappy thing to do.
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