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  • Fri, 02:34: Great but how about ML? How a Simple Browser Add-On is Changing the Way Visually Impaired People Use the Web
  • Fri, 02:35: Awesome for crowd sourcing image annotations for a11y but couldn't someone make an image caption plugin that uses machine learning?
  • Fri, 02:44: After @edbott does the accounting seminar, I can offer one on rhetoric and petitio elenchi/begging the question
  • Fri, 02:44: RT @h0x0d: Microsoft CollabDB - Create and share lists to stay in sync with your team aka Office Lists App
  • Fri, 02:46: RT @WSV_GUY: DR for Hyper-V, VMware and Physical servers with Azure Site Recovery. Try it for free for the next 30 days!
  • Fri, 02:47: RT @FxSiteCompat: mozRequestAnimationFrame & mozCancelAnimationFrame will be gone, via dev-platform mailing list
  • Fri, 02:50: RT @jhamby: Ellen Pao gets my respect for the courage to step into the lion's den as a cautionary tale of what the Internet looks like with…
  • Fri, 02:57: RT @BrandonLive: It's okay Chrome. I didn't really need to use that CPU for actual work or anything.
  • Fri, 02:57: RT @nikmd23: I search for "VS Code" much more frequently now. I wonder when Google will stop showing me Victoria's Secret discounts?
  • Fri, 03:00: RT @jhamby: As far as Android went, "20% time" was always a myth. Too much important work to do for flights of fancy. @eric_analytics @Rahu
  • Fri, 07:00: RT @ashfein: a group of crows is called a “murder,” a group of lions is called a “pride,” and a group of men's rights activists is called a…
  • Fri, 07:00: RT @DrPizza: Had the MacBook Pro maybe 12 hours. Already tried to touch the screen to scroll 5 or 6 times.
  • Fri, 08:56: RT @mrknowapparel: So #WindowsPhone doesn't have nearly the app lag I thought it did. Yes there's some missing but all the ones I use regul…
  • Fri, 08:59: RT @danvy: You can upgrade to #win10 as "everyone’s favorite VB6 Runtime will continue to work" #whatelse
  • Fri, 09:00: RT @jonathansampson: When creating a favorites folder in Internet Explorer, the following rules existed. These also apply to MS Edge. http:…
  • Fri, 09:01: RT @matvelloso: Non-tech magazines preaching against automated Windows updates. That's exactly what people need. Not.
  • Fri, 09:02: RT @skupor: @trengriffin Yep - 55% of VC funding in 1999 went to companies 2 years old or younger; today 80% of funding goes to 3+ year old…
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    Thu, 14:03: My Pro X 2 is getting offered Windows 11; I know this because the 'restart to install updates' icon in the system tray has a blue…

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    Sun, 12:40: RT @ MSFTResearch: Explore artists’ interventions on surveillance, from policing to encryption, e-waste, & AI. Join Dr. Simone…

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    Sat, 17:30: proof that a feature hasn't shipped until it's documented Sat, 17:33: RT @ sarahmquinlan: So many men…

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