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  • Tue, 21:10: Thinking about Windows Phone & hamburgers & design languages; the team at Microsoft is more familiar with non WP design than WP users are
  • Tue, 21:11: So designs that feel alien to Windows Phone users can feel far more natural to WP design team because they're doing so much competitive use
  • Tue, 23:50: RT @mtholfsen: "A unified scheduling engine and API in Project Online and Project Server 2016" #edtech #MIEExpert15
  • Tue, 23:50: RT @adamshostack: Also, the nod to Thomas Garnier (@mxatone) is the first time MS has credited an employee. Congratulations, Thomas! https…
  • Wed, 00:07: RT @gcaughey: Windows SDK for Facebook authentication and more
  • Wed, 00:08: RT @ahmetalpbalkan: Proud moment: 100,000+ @Microsoft employees soon will be wearing the badges I designed. –––– h…
  • Wed, 01:54: talk about a challenge; using Windows 10 as my main machine today, in a cafe full of pre-schoolers #noswearingoutloud
  • Wed, 02:01: Server 2003 dead? Frys in silicon valley still uses a hacked copy of XP Home on its staff systems today, complete with aged client software
  • Wed, 02:01: it will not surprise anyone who has ever shopped in Frys that their computers still run XP home; more surprising they run at all ;)
  • Wed, 03:24: good thing Microsoft hasn't fixed the hiberboot/hyperbook typo; makes it easy to find the Windows 10 editions page on Bing
  • Wed, 03:34: wow. Windows 10 OneDrive just threw away 15 minute of my work in Word. I might never use it again
  • Wed, 07:10: it's awesome #Cortana knows that paintDOTnet is something I will have to download; it sucks she still uses the deprecated old URL @marcusash
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