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  • Thu, 12:54: RT @CarreyOnSecurty: ANTIVIRUS CAUSES VIRUSES
  • Thu, 12:56: RT @rupertg: One wonders: was the Space Shuttle program value for money? Then one learns it cost <1/5 of the F-35 program to date, and one …
  • Thu, 12:56: RT @lancewmccarthy: If you're blocked installing the new SDK, the team was hard at work and has a workaround #wpdev
  • Thu, 12:56: RT @BrandonLive: I almost feel like it might actually be Google, only because who the hell would pretend to be Google+?
  • Thu, 13:47: RT @roschler: Robot did not kill a worker at a VW plant, a *machine* did. If it were a printing press there'd be no story. Just titillatio…
  • Thu, 13:49: If everyone is going to start double posting locations from Swarm & Foursquare, I'm going to start unfollowing. Check your robotweets!
  • Thu, 13:51: It has cooled down enough for the Maine Coon to want to sit on me again but not enough for that to be bearable
  • Thu, 14:39: Microsoft coined a pretty awful new word; multi-doing. uggh!
  • Thu, 14:45: RT @getwired: So there's the date many have been waiting for. Windows 10 Enterprise & Education on VLSC starting on August 1st.
  • Thu, 14:55: openness=political project: obscures own inner workings, sweeping power differentials&inequality under apolitical rug
  • Thu, 14:56: "Wikipedia appears to function less as marketplace for free exchange of in for &more as pedantic court of appeals with Wales as adjudicator"
  • Thu, 14:58: 'most successful apps of today from Uber to Airbnb to Snapchat are open only in that anyone is free to use &generate revenue for owners'
  • Thu, 15:02: "Neoliberal policies may excel at stimulating competition, but are notoriously terrible at protecting human rights or promoting equality"
  • Thu, 15:02: Ok, that's enough quotes, go read the book review; really interesting look at shift from Web 2.0 to today
  • Thu, 15:08: I wonder if it was a drinking game to get the words do and doing into Windows 10 marketing as much as possible
  • Thu, 15:11: @brandonleblanc @GabeAul hey! is it hyperbook or hiperboot? Both listed on the SKU page at different viewports ;)
  • Thu, 15:37: RT @filip_woj: ASP NET 5: Beta 6 - end of July Beta 7 - end of August Beta 8 - end of September Release Candidate - late fall 2015 via @Dam
  • Thu, 15:54: RT @karenkho: nothing i will ever write will get as much attention as a guac recipe involving peas
  • Thu, 19:24: PRO TIP; standards for things in HTML5 you don't like are still standards
  • Thu, 19:25: RT @jongalloway: Windows 10 fast ring has become so fast we have to consider relativistic effects. 10162 downloading now.
  • Fri, 11:58: RT @Popehat: Never shop for food when you're hungry. Never shop for alcohol right after reading the comments.
  • Fri, 11:59: RT @QueenofSpain: The first death from measles in the US in 12 years has been confirmed in Washington. Thanks a Lot anti-vaxxers.
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