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  • Wed, 14:39: RT @stevegoodman: New #SkypeforBusiness services in preview! Broadcast meeting & PSTN services.. #Office365
  • Wed, 14:39: RT @eranhammer: Forget about Inbox Zero. It's all about GitHub Notifications Zero.
  • Wed, 14:40: RT @mattround: Can we somehow fool politicians into thinking UK-wide superfast broadband is a transport project in SE England so it gets 10…
  • Wed, 14:41: RT @jbrains: Junior programmer's bookshelf: 90% APIs and programming languages; Senior programmer's bookshelf: 80% applied psychology.
  • Wed, 14:43: RT @h0x0d: Don Syme @dsyme from @MSFTResearch is one of the 2015 Silver Medallists of Royal Academy of Engineering for F# works
  • Wed, 14:44: Dear rest of the world; 28-30 degrees is Quite Hot for a city that doesn't have air conditioning most places. Stop mocking. No love, London
  • Wed, 14:45: RT @anildash: "With Apple Music, we've married the unparalleled user interface of iTunes with Apple's unimpeachable mastery of cloud servic…
  • Wed, 15:49: Finally have the perfect headline for that blog: Yammer helped Microsoft be less divided by its divisions. (Power of AC!)
  • Wed, 15:59: RT @BreakingNewsUK: July heat record set at London's Heathrow airport with 36.7 Celsius (98.6 Fahrenheit) reading, Met Office says - @PA ht…
  • Wed, 16:02: Are people buying new Windows 7 PCs to stay on Windows 7 or to get the free Windows 10 upgrade then? Tune in in August to find out...
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