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  • Sat, 13:13: RT @wictor: Important change to #OneDrive for Business and #Office365. "Shared with Everyone" will no longer be provd by default https://t.…
  • Sat, 13:25: RT @Andrea_Mauro: Storage Replication can work in sync or async replication #E2EVC
  • Sun, 01:06: RT @anildash: The UI on Samsung "smart" TVs is so farcically bad it seems like a plot by someone trying to actively undermine the product's…
  • Sun, 01:16: RT @Langaround: I feel sorry for our kids. They're going to be our quantum computing tech-support. "Have you tried turning it off and on at…
  • Sun, 01:24: Maybe Tim Hunt should devote time to understanding &then explaining why even as a joke what he said was so inappropriate; educational opp
  • Sun, 01:36: RT @johnnie: Funny to see people debate if the new Twitter CEO should focus on revenue or improving the product, as if those two are in con…
  • Sun, 01:36: RT @getwired: Any sufficiently advanced cryptocurrency is indistinguishable from bullshit.
  • Sun, 01:38: RT @darrel_miller: Maybe if remote workers were referred to as workers that don't require office space or catered lunches, employers would …
  • Sun, 01:56: RT @LBugnion: Weird working with a "real" laptop (HP Spectre) on my laps as opposed to my Surface Pro 3. I forgot how warm and uncomfortabl…
  • Sun, 02:04: RT @inthefade: what idiot named it jurassic world instead of parks and rex
  • Sun, 02:07: RT @sp990: Cojones play of the day: when your vendor tries to poach you _using the work email address you registered their product with_
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    Sun, 13:31: RT @ mtarral: libmicrovmi now has an official Windows release Bundled drivers: - VirtualBox (icebox) -…

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    Sat, 14:45: Assume breach/zero trust is the same 'protect the data not the device/boundary' I've been writing about since Windows 8…

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    Fri, 13:34: RT @ DavidHenigUK: I recall hearing this gradual shift of staff out of the UK under European regulatory pressure predicted in 2017.…

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