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  • Mon, 14:47: @ResponseSource PRO TIP; get your web devs to escape Backspace key in your forms so people can correct mistakes w'out losing the whole page
  • Mon, 15:59: RT @sbisson: Whoa! Suggested Meetings in Outlook 2016 finally gets the correct date and time for a meeting. Is this a little bit of Cortana…
  • Mon, 16:00: RT @reckel: #SkypeTranslator preview is coming to Skype Windows desktop app by summer's end via @yasminkhan1 @Skype @MSFTResearch http://t.…
  • Mon, 16:01: It's almost as if Game of Thrones was written to examine the violence common in feudal societies & note that war isn't fun & games...
  • Mon, 16:15: RT @zephoria: Anti-Vaxxers Are Using Twitter to Manipulate a Vaccine Bill (complete w/ data analysis/vis by @gilgul):
  • Mon, 16:16: "People don’t organize in groups around everyday life-saving measures" re anti-vaxxers using twitter as echo chamber; we might have to?
  • Mon, 16:17: RT @jyarow: Everyone craps on Ballmer for his reaction to the iPhone. Well, here’s Steve Jobs on Android in 2008:
  • Mon, 16:26: RT @scott_humble: @GoodThings2Life Downloading was so easy that MEGA took up the challenge of making it unnecessarily complex.
  • Mon, 16:29: FYI. broke a piece off one of my teeth last night. Dentist not free till Thursday. Status: no actual pain, just fully freaking out.
  • Mon, 16:29: RT @peproctor: Gartner Keynote: Stop annoying your customers with too many security controls, they don't stop the hackers #GartnerSEC
  • Mon, 18:33: RT @sbisson: @tomwarren I think that should read "Facebook kills off Microsoft Integration with Facebook Platform" :-)
  • Mon, 18:49: RT @jacobrossi: @m_gol @factormystic we're going to version by build number, once we have the rtm build number we'll work on updating CanIU…
  • Mon, 18:50: RT @coreyroth: @thurrott why wouldn't you want your notes locked into a closed platform with limited device support?
  • Mon, 18:51: RT @joshuatopolsky: You can draw in Notes now but if a stylus appears an Apple rep knocks you down and takes your phone away
  • Mon, 19:07: RT @mhoye: @cstross Turns out building search around "user clicks a link" is nowhere near as good as "user gives a damn about what's at the…
  • Mon, 19:15: Who has the under/over on how many features from other platforms & apps Apple will announce as revolutionary in total?
  • Mon, 19:17: RT @codepo8: @kylealden stop using logic and numbers. This is about belief.
  • Mon, 19:23: Imagine if the next OS X has more Windows 8.1 features than Windows 10 does... nah, no touch screen
  • Mon, 19:25: RT @DrPizza: @dinabass Microsoft got so many things "almost right", and then backs away from the. W10 is a worse tablet OS than W8.
  • Mon, 19:29: RT @WinObs: If you are using a PC please RT this tweet - If you are not using a PC then Favorite it. #PostPCEra?
  • Mon, 19:30: Open sourcing Swift under what governance model and with what contribution rights? Do we know?
  • Mon, 19:31: RT @stshank: Open-source Swift sounds like big deal, but it’s table stakes for new language. Google Go, Mozilla Rust… Everybody does it. #W
  • Mon, 19:36: It's not the copying. Everyone copies & improves things. It's the way Apple banks on the popular belief that it invents all of this
  • Mon, 19:45: RT @cdaffara: If Apple believes the appstore is more important than the industrial revolution, they don't need VR. They are in a reality on…
  • Mon, 19:50: Even the Apple fans in my timeline are spotting the number of shoulders Apple is standing on today
  • Mon, 19:50: RT @getwired: Every time I see Kevin Lynch on stage, my mind visualizes what he's describing as if it was running Flash.
  • Mon, 19:50: RT @cstross: I can't stop watching the WWDC stuff. It's like there's a hidden satirical subtext that is incomprehensible to true believers.
  • Mon, 19:51: RT @cstross: "WatchOS 2 will add third-party Complications." This goes for all operating system releases ever.
  • Mon, 19:53: RT @kurtsh: Saying Windows is the only OS "still squeeze $ from consumers" ignorantly implies other OS dev costs aren't buried in other con…
  • Mon, 19:54: RT @bkiran: @marypcbuk @Wbsimms Narrative beats facts any day
  • Mon, 19:56: RT @tomwarren: “When you upload your music to Apple Music anything can happen.” Like all your MP3s suddenly turn into U2 songs
  • Mon, 19:58: RT @sbisson: So I guess the #WWDC keynote has gone on long enough that the entire Watch wearing contingent will be standing up in unison ab…
  • Mon, 20:00: Someone explain this to me. Apple made a radio because?
  • Mon, 20:07: What's the developer angle on the Apple music thing? Is there one? Can they code it into apps?
  • Mon, 20:09: RT @ArinFriedlander: I get #Apple's point on the "Yosemite Adoption" graph, but for perspective... #OSX #Windows #WWDC15 @thurrott @edbott
  • Mon, 20:10: RT @getwired: So... at I/O, Google showed us much of what Apple announced last year. At WWDC, Apple showed us much of what Microsoft announ…
  • Mon, 20:11: RT @eHougaard: @marypcbuk @gcaughey Very, its an important message to all the devs doing music apps, that their app will now be rejected in…
  • Mon, 20:14: RT @migueldeicaza: The only reason for this long intro is for us to not be shocked at the price they will charge for the monthly subscripti…
  • Mon, 20:15: RT @tconrad: @kennethn nah, Apple and their celebrity curators know what's cool. You just don't get it yet.
  • Mon, 20:19: Did the Apple keynote get to the coding bit yet?
  • Mon, 20:28: The Weeknd - so new and hip they're in the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack
  • Mon, 20:30: RT @edbott: @anildash Apple's recycling the 25-year-old NBC tagline for selling reruns: "It's new to you"
  • Mon, 20:32: RT @RayWall: @RoguePlanetoid @gcaughey Well, to be fair, that's all that was available to copy at the time.
  • Mon, 20:33: RT @onovotny: I can't wait for all of those iOS layout issues people will have adapting to different app widths. Especially lacking a XAML …
  • Mon, 20:33: RT @yoz: Eddy Cue, stripped to the waist & smeared with blood, throws iTunes’s bloody corpse into the crowd Please, you STILL HAVE TIME
  • Mon, 20:33: RT @modestproposal1: Apple copying Android and Windows features isn't a big deal, but is a reminder that Apple sues others for copying them.
  • Mon, 20:36: RT @sbisson: Folks complaining about the length of the Apple Keynote obviously weren't at the BBX BlackBerry DevCon. That was a 5 hour keyn…
  • Mon, 20:37: Is that Samsung presser still going on?
  • Mon, 20:38: Swift 2: compiler & standard lib, OSI-approved permissive license, contributions encourages, OS X, iOS, Linux ports
  • Mon, 20:44: people with higher glucose levels had poor sleep patterns which is caused by increased nighttime kidney function #ML
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