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  • Fri, 15:20: RT @DaveVoyles: Via Mary Meeker: PC Internet usage is actually up since 2008; mobile has been almost entirely additive
  • Fri, 15:22: RT @thurrott: "You can skip this ad in 10 seconds. /closes tab in 2 seconds
  • Fri, 15:23: RT @GabeAul: @tray1999 But we're leaning towards releasing ISOs early for Fast ring people who are not able to install because of the 0x802…
  • Fri, 15:24: RT @mikebaz: See a bogus app in the Windows Store? @GabeAul tells us that you should complain to reportapp at Microsoft dot com. https://t…
  • Fri, 15:40: RT @DrPizza: PR people, before shitting up my inbox to claim that someone I've never heard of has something to say about the latest hack, J…
  • Fri, 15:41: RT @DrPizza: I couldn't care less about the hack itself, much less some nobody's opinion of it, and I certainly don't care about products y…
  • Fri, 15:42: RT @JohnCleese: Piers Morgan writes that I didn't recognise him in a restaurant in New York.I did.I just didn't want to speak to someone I …
  • Fri, 15:44: RT @w3c: W3C Adopts new Software and Document License
  • Fri, 16:02: If there are thermal cameras to detect cyclists &give them a longer green light, will that mean fewer of them just riding through on red?
  • Fri, 16:02: RT @EddyElfenbein: So now good news is bad news. And so it goes. Wall Street is a $20 trillion game of Calvinball.
  • Fri, 17:38: RT @SoberBuildEng: @SwiftOnSecurity It's like @sourceforge is the Oprah of software: “You’re an abandoned project. *You’re* an abandoned pr…
  • Fri, 18:40: RT @xiann: I hope Tim Cook feels a poke every time I accidentally touch my MacBook Pro screen. #TouchScreenAllTheThings #SurfacePro3
  • Fri, 18:42: I must check if my 'favourite' bug is in Excel 2016 as well as 2013 because then I can report it again & maybe get a fix
  • Fri, 18:43: Excel bug: type a date into a column that has ended up as type accounting, notice, flip to date, date is 1/1/1900 AKA not real data
  • Fri, 18:52: Nothing on the REDACTED website worth changing my UA string for anyway, it turns out
  • Fri, 19:07: Seriously web sites; blocking the whole page with a 'nyah nyah IE sucks' button doesn't make you look big or clever. Just lazy & out of date
  • Fri, 19:07: RT @gregwhitworth: It's amazing how often I get the sense that everyone at Apple, Microsoft and Google should hate the other companies.
  • Fri, 19:07: RT @gregwhitworth: I've had nothing but good interactions with everyone I have had the pleasure of working with at Google, Moz, Apple.
  • Fri, 19:11: Mac OS has never been that much more secure than Windows; a decade of marketing instead of fixing is showing the downside of market share
  • Fri, 19:12: I know Apple *has* been doing good work on security. But it never went in and did the ground-up security work Microsoft did on Windows
  • Sat, 01:43: Still furious that Apple can refuse to refund for an iTunes audio book that has a broken download that they can't replace
  • Sat, 01:45: RT @h0x0d: MSR-NExT OSTech team as incubation projects about "cutting-edge programming languages" and hiring compiler engineers https://t.c…
  • Sat, 01:47: UWPs and PCLs in Win10 apps in .NET - projects, targets, libraries
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