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  • Wed, 15:10: RT @iamdevloper: SCENE: Zuckerberg sits at his desk… “I fancy a sandwich” * flicks to TechCrunch * FACEBOOK ACQUIRE SUBWAY. “Guys…again…
  • Wed, 15:11: RT @cvharquail: .@hjarche @smartco Only thing worse than a presentation of 5 yr old ideas is if you said them first, 5+ yrs ago.
  • Wed, 15:15: RT @gcaughey: TIL (from MVA session 7) a new API is coming to determine if Windows 10 device could be used one handed so devs can accommoda…
  • Wed, 15:24: RT @adamkotsko: At a certain point, it became clear that @SavedYouAClick wasn't just being sarcastic, but is on a genuine moral crusade aga…
  • Wed, 15:34: Skype got a fix out for the URL that crashes clients; think Apple is still saying use the Siri workaround for theirs
  • Wed, 15:48: RT @sbisson: Today's disturbing neologism: a "paraquel". <fx:runs away screaming/>
  • Wed, 15:56: Wait, if the new campus buildings aren't in the Campus Maps application for Windows Phone, will it finally get an update?!
  • Wed, 15:59: Pinterest rich pins need IFRAMES, X-Frame-Options block them - from @grahamix
  • Wed, 16:14: The ultimate guide to analog control panels in (just a few) sci-fi movies
  • Wed, 16:25: RT @sbisson: Dang. Hit the bug where @OneDrive web steadfastly refuses to show images. Grey on the gallery, not loading in the viewer.
  • Wed, 16:26: RT @nickromyn: Comparing Directory Integration Tools - AAD DirSync Tool, AAD Sync Services AAD Connect, and FIM 2012 R2:
  • Wed, 16:32: RT @h0x0d: if you read Raymond Chen's The Old New Thing blog, make sure you use the "Excerpt View", its actually a special TL;DR version of…
  • Wed, 17:00: OneDrive does a pretty good job at spotting images to tag as text but doesn't go far enough back thru my photos
  • Wed, 17:05: I guess the bug where #OneDrive is stuck on 0 of tiny number of K synced on Windows 8.1 until reboot will never get fixed now ;(
  • Wed, 17:09: RT @DrPizza: @alexrkonrad @alex all pitches should use this exclusively, so that I never have to see another pitch ever again.
  • Wed, 18:19: Favourite transcription typo (by me) of the day; propjet for project. Nearly turned @jsnover into an airplane architect
  • Wed, 23:34: Not sure what the point of #freepeople sending a weekly newsletter is when the UK site resolves EVERY link to the same old feature #broken
  • Wed, 23:48: Ok, we need someone to order something, anything from amazon and save the minion box for @sbisson
  • Wed, 23:49: RT @ow: Twitter says it's now "blocking tweets, retweets and direct mentions" containing characters in tweets that crash OS X and iOS apps
  • Wed, 23:54: RT @tromboneforhire: Why do I tweet the songs I do? 1. Because I genuinely enjoy them. 2. To show you should feel free to like the music yo…
  • Wed, 23:56: RT @cfiessinger: Early look at next gen information protection in Office 365 and beyond - Office Blogs
  • Thu, 00:01: Serious fox standoff in the road; much yipping. They will wake the honest burghers & the rough sleepers (disturbed to see 2 of those nr tube
  • Thu, 00:17: RT @charlesfitz: Just learned I am not an investor in any OpenStack companies after fearing the worst #whew
  • Thu, 00:17: RT @dancolasanti: Check out the Microsoft #HoloLens #Dev site to prepare for the upcoming SDK release: #wpdev
  • Thu, 00:18: RT @BrandonLive: On a related note... I hope the Win10 Photos app gains a Tags view like OneDrive has.
  • Thu, 00:28: collisionable moment. HP strategy is something something collisionable moment? What the what?
  • Thu, 00:30: RT @getwired: Maybe it's that I'm an analyst - but I worry about the inability of a large section of the populace to hear, distill, and com…
  • Thu, 00:31: RT @getwired: If you are lacking the critical thinking skills to parse fact from lecture, it's not the issue. It's not the keyboard's fault.
  • Thu, 00:39: @jmanici @getwired this is a level beyond. Feature originally called enterprise lockdown. Roots to UEFI to keep cert list locked down.
  • Thu, 00:43: RT @dstorey: @shanselman if there was a bubble, it’d be a bluetooth soda bottle :p
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