Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Dark o'clock

I can't believe how early I'm getting up this trip... This is the 7.15 bus and I wasn't even late getting on it. I drop off to sleep pretty quickly as well, which is very nice. I even heard my own slow deep breathing as I fell into sleep the other night (well, hearing it woke me up of course but it's nice to know what it's like!).

Let's see: frothy movie, ipod battery adapter chewing a set of 'heavy duty' batteries in ten seconds - pretty light show as the battery indicator goes full and then empty straight away, instant tour of the Off the Square hotel complete with a *very* striking picture of a Maori made up of symbols kissing a naked girl (the upcoming protest should be great for publicity), beer and cheese and sashimi (yum - thanks Seth!), quick catchup, chargeup and backup with Gary (thanks Gary!) and um, not enough sleep so I shall blow up my travel pillow (thanks Simon!) and snooze a while. Next post might even have full stops!

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