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  • Thu, 22:42: I could chant 'Windows 10 for phones is still clearly in development' a lot or I could keep 8.1 on the phone I really use ;) #preview
  • Thu, 22:51: RT @brianmadden: Takeaway from #CitrixSynergy demo: Delivering remote Windows apps across the web in the real world in 2015 has the same ch…
  • Thu, 22:53: Wow. The Next Web in IE is like a cross between one of those guys twirling a sign on the sidewalk and a car crash. unreadable
  • Thu, 22:55: Bravo for The Next Web for building the first tech blog game where the reward is to read the article; only took me seven goes to win
  • Thu, 22:56: RT @grorgwork: If the Web is dead, could people kindly stop filing bugs for us to fix.
  • Thu, 23:06: RT @ajs: Sometimes, I try to give PR people helpful feedback. When pitched “Startup First Ladies”:
  • Thu, 23:07: Handwriting Search in OneNote no longer just for the pay for desktop OneNote on Windows
  • Thu, 23:22: Microsoft Hyperlapse - Mobile, Pro and Hyperlapse for Azure Media Service - AKA there's a sensible business model
  • Thu, 23:26: RT @vogon: I have managed to stumble on to the fact that the founder of startup castle was kicked off a cancelled reality show on the first…
  • Thu, 23:50: Microsoft Ignite: An Infrastructure Specialist's Perspective - useful snippets about Data Protection Manager
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