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  • Fri, 04:49: I've always said I couldn't live in the US because I can't afford health insurance. Will I feel that about the UK soon?
  • Fri, 04:51: RT @SophyRidgeSky: We're only seeing tonight how heavy a price the Lib Dems paid for doing deal with Tories. Another Coalition with them ma…
  • Fri, 04:54: RT @botherer: Of course, the real victim of this election is the meaning of the word "decimated".
  • Fri, 05:26: RT @DrPizza: If Labour in 2020 campaigns on renationalizing the railways and NHS I'll vote for them.
  • Fri, 05:27: RT @selia_lahugeea: "Hi, I'm Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat party"
  • Fri, 05:30: Searched for "build channel 9" on @bing got the 2011 Build as the first result #flashbacks
  • Fri, 05:55: Seriously @bing the fact your entire first page of results for 'channel 9 bing' doesn't show 2015 build is not good @doubleyewdee
  • Fri, 05:56: RT @jsnover: .@mrbungess I'll tweet details @ how to get the PS T shirt when I have them.
  • Fri, 07:55: RT @DrKatyShaw: Theresa May confirms Data Communications Bill will goahead now LibDems are gone - this is Snoopers Charter. Welcome to next…
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    Fri, 14:15: RT @ Direthoughts: Consequences news! - No further action by govt against Philip Hammond for his "unwise" lobbying of Treasury on…

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    Thu, 14:25: Three-day wait for UK Statutory Sick Pay to return next year - because the COVID rules will expire (or will they?)…

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    Tue, 15:51: wow, GoDaddy letter to affected customers really does feel like doing the absolute bare minimum to deal with the huge security…

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