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  • Fri, 01:46: I've had both political & technical reasons why the Windows 10 approach for bringing Android & iOS apps differ so much ;) #build2015
  • Fri, 05:54: RT @josefajardo: at //Build/ we showed a new approach to Surface Pro 3 docking "3-in-1 VESA mounted dock " http://t…
  • Fri, 06:03: Too tired to party. And I need to work. Sob!
  • Fri, 06:05: RT @ericlaw: Good advice: "try not to forget all the little people at Microsoft"
  • Fri, 07:43: RT @DamianEdwards: First thing ppl want after you give them a stripped down, code-focused editor is to start adding stuff back in "Does it …
  • Fri, 07:49: Ok, nearly 2 years on and my 1020 still takes just amazing photos. All my product photos are done on my 1020
  • Fri, 07:52: Two years and the 1020 is still a phone I love to use; 1520 I've had since Jan 2014 as daily phone. That's a long time to keep handsets 4 me
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