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  • Sun, 13:06: RT @nigelwUK: Silly OpenTable booking system. No, I'm not going to change cookie settings and restart the browser. I'll call the restaurant…
  • Sun, 13:18: RT @simonster: Enterprise Mobility is enterprise modernization, it's a new way of working, it redefines "work" as an activity not a place.
  • Sun, 13:25: RT @getwired: Windows Server Technical Preview and Hyper-V Server Technical Preview Expiration Extension
  • Sun, 13:25: RT @JulianDutton1: Armed rangers in Sudan guard the last male northern white rhino on earth. His species survived for 50 million years. htt…
  • Sun, 13:31: Wait. "Trump for president" isn't a vocative verbal exhortation to parp in support of POTUS? ;)
  • Mon, 01:28: RT @sbisson: Interesting: drilling down into the Windows 10 Mobile TP, and I see that among the Lumia extras is a Joyn agent. Phone as IoT …
  • Mon, 01:32: whole Dread Ilk thing reminds me of the wolf chat rooms on AOL; 1 time Dr Solomon & I took a marketing guy there; he pretended to be rabbit
  • Mon, 01:33: RT @JohnLaTwC: Steve Lipner, father of the SDL, just retired from Microsoft. Here is what I learned working side by side with him: http://t…
  • Mon, 01:34: RT @zephoria: It's painful to realize how often journal paywalls keep me from reading scholars' articles. Access too difficult to scan to s…
  • Mon, 01:38: RT @JoseBarreto: Net cmds in PowerShell ipconfig: Get-NetIPAddress | FT ping: Test-NetConnection tracert: Test-NetConnection -TraceRoute ro…
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