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  • Tue, 13:20: RT @teroalhonen: 79% of PC owners without a tablet are not planning to buy one because their PC is “good enough” ...
  • Tue, 13:20: RT @teroalhonen: 85% of PC owners are not planning to replace their current PC ...
  • Tue, 13:20: RT @teroalhonen: @gcaughey
  • Tue, 13:28: So consumers in UK & US don't seem to think the PC is dead; only 1.7% will replace their PC with tablet in 2015
  • Tue, 13:33: Once those PCs 83% of people are happy with get 5-10 years older, maybe they'll pick a tablet - or maybe just a new PC with touch
  • Tue, 13:33: RT @jbrains: New study shows that you should just figure out what works well for you and get on with things.
  • Tue, 13:38: Every survey quoting 2 in 1 predictions/plans should make participants prove they know what a2 in 1 is/show the confusion margin
  • Tue, 13:42: RT @codepo8: well Google+ just burned through my monthly data allowance on this sim 10 minutes after updating it. should have checked my se…
  • Tue, 13:48: BlackBerry still seems to be following Microsoft playbook just with a 2-3 year lag. First full screen OS, now software & services everywhere
  • Tue, 14:20: Mixing reverse engineering and 'why can't we make a phone without paying for IP like they do in China? '
  • Tue, 14:23: Google thinking about how to integrate Wi-Fi & cell networks, just as an actual standard to do same thing starts to get adopted by carriers
  • Tue, 14:34: RT @jhamby: Yes, I know all about Passport 2.0. Since we never announced any plans for supporting it in #Android AOSP, I can't say. 😣 @mary
  • Tue, 16:03: Average price of handsets has gone down everywhere else in the world, has gone up in the US in last year; another way US/NA is unique market
  • Tue, 16:05: RT @jhamby: I think @aral's correct that $GOOGL's failures to respect user privacy are due to lack of proper concern for it. @podehaye @V_L
  • Tue, 17:04: Multiple stories today confirming that rain still wet, salespeople still salespeople, IBM still IBM etc
  • Tue, 17:15: RT @cfiessinger: Sway now lets you add your OneNote images, use more types of web embeds, share in new ways and more! - Office Blogs http:/…
  • Tue, 17:15: RT @Alex_A_Simons: Public Preview #2 of Microsoft Identity Manager is now available! Learn all about it here:
  • Tue, 17:50: RT @gullatec: I just met the 'small but nimble' Linux team from Microsoft. Let me say that again, the Linux team at Microsoft.
  • Tue, 17:52: RT @alanpage: I've said before, that my 2 years working on Xbox One was probably the best 5 years of my career. It was a once in a lifetime…
  • Tue, 17:58: Let's assume the way Microsoft keeps promoting the amazing Lumia 1020 camera means it gets an equally good successor
  • Wed, 00:49: RT @jsuttonmorse: You people who pay attention to who's unfollowing you are weird.
  • Wed, 00:54: RT @wasbuxton: Might "The Sharing Economy" be just a marketing slogan made up by those who hope you're not smart enough to know the meaning…
  • Wed, 00:56: RT @marshray: Reminder: For reporting any security problems in Microsoft products or systems email MSRC They are grea…
  • Wed, 00:57: RT @ValaAfshar: 2015 digital world: 4.2 billion have no Internet 3.6 billion are not mobile 5.1 billion not on social media #MWC15 http:…
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    Wed, 14:15: I have once or twice asked a source to confirm something in a very technical comment they made but no one reviews my article before…

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    Sun, 13:48: RT @ manwithoutatan: Comparing students critically protesting a professor whose work and public standing marginalises and erases…

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