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  • Mon, 18:32: The 200GB SanDisk micro SD card is my favourite MWC announcement so far ;)
  • Mon, 18:34: Has anyone storified all the Microsoft MWC #dev tweets from folk like @mrlacey with slide shots in?
  • Mon, 18:46: Another one for the repertoire; I think I've nailed American scones. Secret is yoghurt rather than milk
  • Mon, 19:20: RT @gcaughey: To be clear Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight apps do still run on Windows 10 preview for phones.
  • Mon, 19:20: RT @mrlacey: Win8.1 apps will run on Win10. This makes upgrades really simple :) #win10dev #mwc15
  • Mon, 19:27: RT @timsneath: Perhaps the most understated line of the blog: "delivering our first prototype of the Win10 Cordova platform in an Apache br…
  • Mon, 19:43: RT @martinsuchan: @gcaughey even my old WP7.5 XNA games work on Windows 10 for phones, if anyone is wondering.
  • Mon, 19:49: Ms folding keyboard giving me flashbacks to when I filed copy from Apple Xserv RAID launch on my Pocket PC with folding external keyboard
  • Mon, 19:52: Doing some filing in @msonenote &found this @JulieLG8 &Jensen Harris explaining Office ribbon. Good week to share
  • Mon, 19:53: RT @sadserver: Statistically speaking it's more likely for you to be mauled by a bear than for you to properly secure WordPress.
  • Tue, 11:53: RT @jayasimhan: Kathy Sierra has published a new book. She is not online to promote it. Let's do it for her. cc @rjs
  • Tue, 11:59: RT @seb_m: @pmarca I work in software and I have no fear whatsoever about AI. Siri can't even pronounce my name right.
  • Tue, 11:59: RT @charlesfitz: Latest Goldman Sachs cloud report is, er, interesting. Shiny objects, random numbers. unique definitions, architectural di…
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