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  • Mon, 14:49: Things like support for so many writing systems and languages are part of the strength of Windows. Enabling a *hugely* wide user base
  • Mon, 14:50: RT @yammeradam: .@marypcbuk Not full time. That was a misunderstanding.
  • Mon, 14:54: So @yammeradam *isn't* doing full time but it's still a fascinating movement
  • Mon, 15:02: Developed for Bing, Catapult (paired CPU&FPGA) will also speed up CNNs used for deep learning; faster ML at Microsoft
  • Mon, 15:08: Getting crapware on a PC so the price is lower is like a car being cheaper because it comes with a hole in the petrol tank. Good metaphor?
  • Mon, 15:10: RT @GoodThings2Life: If you're not using the EasyList and Privacy Choice TPLs and SmartScreen in IE9+, you're doing yourself a disservice. …
  • Mon, 15:12: RT @_Gaeel_: @marypcbuk A hole that leads to a generator that powers a flashing neon advert on the dashboard
  • Mon, 15:15: RT @KrauseFx: You want to see what the iTunes Connect developers think of Safari. Best code I read in a while!
  • Mon, 15:18: RT @FiloSottile: Journalists: Comodo owns PrivDog, but the version (v2) bundled with Internet Security is NOT doing MITM. New v3 is. https:…
  • Mon, 16:28: Interesting responses to my leaking petrol tank analogy; crapware is like bags of cement, neon signs, unstable explosives
  • Mon, 18:17: RT @cfiessinger: Students worldwide can now check eligibility for free Office from their school - Office Blogs #edu
  • Mon, 18:30: A product to test the market, an API for developers; logical step three would be a mass market launch of Microsoft Band vNext
  • Mon, 18:35: RT @fdfalcon: @ericlaw I get your point re: Flash for IE. However Flash for Firefox on Win 8.1 is built by Adobe and it isn't compiled with…
  • Mon, 18:35: RT @fdfalcon: @ericlaw DLL Characteristics for FlashPlayerPlugin_16_0_0_305.exe (Firefox): 0x8140 - Flash.ocx: 0x4140 (0x4000 set = CFG ena…
  • Mon, 18:41: It's time the industry called all these Superfish-Style adware things the malware they really are & started blocking
  • Mon, 18:42: Remember the flood of spyware and adware detection tools in the XP era that moved into AV later? Need that for the new crop of adware
  • Mon, 20:21: RT @csoghoian: NSA Director got into an argument with Yahoo @alexstamos about whether it is possible to build secure crypto backdoors. Face…
  • Mon, 20:26: RT @blowdart: Another conference I considered submitting to, then read their speaker agreement, lots of crap around branding, nothing about…
  • Mon, 20:27: RT @CarmenCrincoli: Architecting and building an IaaS private cloud with hundreds of hosts and a team of one is EXACTLY as hard as it sound…
  • Mon, 20:30: RT @sbisson: Uninstalling a review printer that when back this morning. Why do I need to manually remove three separate packages, eh HP?
  • Mon, 21:57: Resonant sinus cavity. I can feel the clicking in my headphones in the bridge of my nose
  • Mon, 22:07: Serendipity, trust, truth, viral content and getting the right quote out
  • Mon, 22:11: RT @scottgu: I just blogged about the new 5 - leaner, more modular, cross platform, cloud optimized:
  • Mon, 22:11: RT @ericlaw: Spartan will ship with HSTS (including pre-load) disabled InPrivate. (Guess InPrivate is not for bankin…
  • Mon, 22:29: Spent a little too much time today taking about quoting accurately and not quite enough transcribing interview quotes ;)
  • Tue, 01:03: So #Cortana place reminders would be so much more useful if she knew any of the shops in our road that opened in the last year :(
  • Tue, 01:42: Ok, having accidentally left internet streaming radio playing in the background took my Lumia 1520 down to only 24 hours of battery life
  • Tue, 01:49: RT @alexstamos: Ever since the Vista security push the greatest danger to Windows users has been all of the extra crap and not Microsoft co…
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    Fri, 14:15: RT @ Direthoughts: Consequences news! - No further action by govt against Philip Hammond for his "unwise" lobbying of Treasury on…

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    Thu, 14:25: Three-day wait for UK Statutory Sick Pay to return next year - because the COVID rules will expire (or will they?)…

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    Tue, 15:51: wow, GoDaddy letter to affected customers really does feel like doing the absolute bare minimum to deal with the huge security…

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