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  • Thu, 12:32: RT @jarwidmark: Nice! Windows Audio team bought a Podcaster USB microphone and debugged the problem in #Windows10. Fix coming in future bui…
  • Thu, 12:33: RT @GabeAul: @callum90ish I love the creative ways you guys try to squeeze me :-) How about a puzzle? This is a REAL answer if you can so…
  • Thu, 12:33: RT @ukedand: Credit card compliance risks for #SMBs using Windows Server 2003 after 14 July 2015
  • Thu, 12:43: Interesting piece on fitness, fatness and what it means to live in your body
  • Thu, 12:44: RT @Veeren_Jubbal: You are not getting garbage for being Sikh, so telling me to ignore does not go well in numerous ways. It exists in my m…
  • Thu, 12:46: RT @akipekka: The differences between touch Office in Windows, iOS and Android. Windows still gets all the features.
  • Thu, 12:49: RT @diodesign: "You work for @TheRegister? Cool" was not quite the response I expected from Microsoft staff I met this evening over drinks.
  • Thu, 12:50: RT @blowdart: Just saw a typo in internal mail of CherPoint. I must use this now forever.
  • Thu, 14:49: Wikipedia really does look rusty in some areas; the Azure page is so old it creaks (run on Azure OS! uses Windows Server 2008!!)
  • Thu, 14:52: There I was, saying Surface Pro owners would want to buy the new N-Trig pens soon & Microsoft heard "buy N-Trig" ;)
  • Thu, 17:59: Low-spec phones are the majority of sales and the ones that need the widest testing for preview builds. Flagships aren't biggest sellers
  • Thu, 18:06: "We're not kidding about the expert thing. So if you think APN is a cable news network, Technical Preview may not be right for you."
  • Thu, 18:09: Seriously; there are a bunch of basics missing in phone technical preview that make this definitely a test system at this point
  • Thu, 18:13: RT @CarmenCrincoli: Ah, there's the complaining. I missed it for a few minutes there.
  • Thu, 18:15: Internet: give us the Windows Phone preview & no-one gets hurt. Microsoft: OK. Hang on. Here you go. Internet: no, no, not *that* preview
  • Thu, 18:16: Is there a Dummies Guide to Not Even Going There?
  • Thu, 18:21: The Photos app is going to show all my OneDrive photos. All 10,000 of them? I should get @GabeAul to warn someone to brace for the load
  • Thu, 18:27: RT @GabeAul: Answer to the puzzle: I tweeted it at 10:02 PM Go-live target was 10:00AM today 718mins later 718 is 1316 in Octal
  • Thu, 18:40: RT @jacobrossi: Windows 10 for phones will use EdgeHTML exclusively the in Project Spartan browser; WebView to be evergreen
  • Thu, 18:44: RT @IEDevChat: In today’s preview the new engine that will power Spartan is hosted within IE. Project Spartan will replace IE on phones in …
  • Thu, 18:48: Windows Phone 8.1 browser gets recognised by the Windows Insider site as RT if you accidentally follow the Windows TP link ;)
  • Thu, 18:54: RT @GabeAul: @tomwarren OS partition needs to allow for the upgrade. First phones have sufficient space. Partition stitching will allow for…
  • Thu, 19:00: RT @dstorey: Key tokens in new IE / Win 10 phone UA string: “Windows Phone” detects Win Phone platform. “Edge” detects IE / Project Spartan…
  • Thu, 19:01: RT @dstorey: New UA string for IE in Windows 10 for phones is too long to fit in a tweet. See it at
  • Thu, 19:03: RT @JoseBarreto: What testing does a NIC needs to pass for RDMA/SMB Direct in Windows Server? You need to pass the NDK Logo Test. https://t…
  • Thu, 19:05: If you haven't found details of why your particular handset doesn't get the tech preview in this build, you maybe shouldn't consider TP yet
  • Thu, 19:11: RT @gcaughey: It's important to note that those 1520s running Windows 10 demos were flashed with Windows 10, not updated from 8.1. #NoSmoke
  • Thu, 19:27: Playing the "which random field in the email compose window will Outlook select by default this time?' game
  • Thu, 20:12: People think a technical preview is a goody to enjoy; not quite: technical preview makes you the product (lab rats) & that sets priorities
  • Thu, 20:14: RT @GWillowWilson: I've decided "It was a parking dispute" is this week's "It's about ethics in video game journalism."
  • Thu, 20:16: RT @jsnover: Big thanks to @trondhindenes for sending me a detailed email about the things he didn't like @ PowerShell DSC. That really hel…
  • Thu, 20:38: Think Windows Phone doesn't get many updates? Try turning on a phone from last summer for the first time: four updates before you get to 10
  • Thu, 21:25: Thinking about the potential of a world watched over by machines of loving grace. Noting quite how far away from that we still are today ;)
  • Thu, 21:35: I found the random affordance that revealed the hidden feature in an interface: go me! No, OS X file dialog location actually...
  • Thu, 21:43: People. Either you want Microsoft to move fast &try new things, or you want the old slow, fixed, dotted Is crossed ts world. Can't have both
  • Thu, 21:44: You can't have both precision and velocity. You just can't. You certainly can't have precision, velocity and predictable dates & features
  • Thu, 21:52: RT @RockyLhotka: the #onedrive experience on #windows10 is virtually useless - I hope they get us back to a functional experience soon!
  • Fri, 01:29: Pinged my MSc thesis supervisor today to tell him I'm writing lots about machine learning after all these years; he's still doing research
  • Fri, 01:29: RT @felixrieseberg: People keep asking what a Microsoft Open Source Engineer is, so I wrote a blog post about it: ht…
  • Fri, 01:30: RT @ckindel: @edbott left cogz?
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