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  • Tue, 18:42: Wonder how many orgs are actually capable of securing their own key given the bang up job they do keeping passwords secure
  • Tue, 18:46: The Google property Firefox on Android can't load & Google can't say why? Google Play. They can't say what you need to load the Play site?!
  • Tue, 18:46: RT @dougturner: Google Play Store: Browsing with Firefox is no longer supported on Android | Hacker News :/
  • Tue, 20:40: RT @chrisgreen: £4.2 billion for 5/8 of the next Premier League rights package - did BSkyB just get scammed by the characters from Leverage…
  • Wed, 00:11: RT @joebelfiore: And.. did you notice we updated the Photos app in #Win10 tech preview? First of many #Win10 app updates to come...
  • Wed, 00:12: RT @joebelfiore: @marcusash from the #Win10 team- blogging on BUILDING CORTANA. more engineering-oriented blogs coming! You like? http://…
  • Wed, 00:14: Samsung TVs start inserting ads into your movies. Also monitoring for commands= always listening to you
  • Wed, 00:17: Maybe it's time to rethink the whole 'just make web standards up as we do along and do security later' approach
  • Wed, 00:20: Everyone hates Forbes thought of the day ad page; turns out it's also a great (flash) security hole. A page you don't care about=easy attack
  • Wed, 00:23: We're the BBC; we don't have to make user friendly decisions about audio services
  • Wed, 00:26: Advice to young journalists; don't pay a newspaper to let you wore for free. It's called vanity publishing
  • Wed, 00:29: RT @volkerw: "Update Rollup 9 for Microsoft System Center 2012 Operations Manager SP1 is now available"
  • Wed, 00:33: RT @shanselman: @praeclarum Totally. We just need folks to be patient. They asked for out in the open, now they can see the sausage machine.
  • Wed, 00:40: RT @ericlaw: I really hope @IEDevChat hurries up and releases Spartan. I'm tired of reading reviews by people who *think* they're running i…
  • Wed, 00:49: RT @joshgreenman: If you admit that all children should be vaccinated, it's a slippery slope to acknowledging that we have societal obligat…
  • Wed, 12:00: Interesting the Group Policy vuln doesn't get a fix on Server 2003 because even the fix would trash your AD; it really is time to upgrade
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