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  • Sat, 14:42: RT @fanf42: OH: I wish Alice and Bob would just sort their shit out & move in together so they didn't keep having to send each other encryp…
  • Sat, 14:48: RT @shawnhernan: Hiring 4 pen testers, a compliance PM and tools dev for SQL Azure, PowerBI, and other Microsoft data tools. DM if interest…
  • Sat, 15:02: Uber drivers mark down uber CEO's passenger score; yeah, I can't imagine why they might want to do that!
  • Sat, 15:05: RT @__Thanat0s__: New software exploitation mitigation in win 10 & 8 sp3, Compile with "Callguard"
  • Sat, 15:07: RT @Codepope: The Police Fed want police armed with tasers by default "just in case, y'know, terrorists". Can we all have one on the same b…
  • Sat, 16:56: RT @scott_humble: @GabeAul Windows Insider feedback apps for Windows Phone, Android and iOS would be helpful for feedback on the go. 😊
  • Sat, 17:19: Go home @onedrive you're drunk. and Windows 8 Explorer/OneDrive share integration is broken again ;(
  • Sat, 17:40: there's nothing like #onedrive screwing up document sharing to make doing your taxes harder
  • Sun, 03:33: RT @inafried: so sad to read about all these kids getting measles. I just wish there was some sort of medical intervention that could preve…
  • Sun, 03:37: Rather aggressive mail from Google telling a news site to change a headline
  • Sun, 03:38: RT @ryan: So, just checking, anti-vaxers are cool with dog owners not vaccinating for rabies, right?
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    Sun, 14:04: RT @ JohnLaTwC: #HuntingTipOfTheDay Defenders need agents. Agents need drivers. Redteams need to evade both. An obscure redteam…

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    Sat, 18:06: Seems an ideal time to use duct tape... Sat, 18:11: RT @ pati_gallardo: Well shoot, I guess I need to…

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    Fri, 12:54: RT @ nathanTbernard: Maine instituted a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers last month and there have been non-stop protests…

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