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  • Mon, 23:12: RT @DrPizza: Q&A time, where we hope that analysts will ask good questions, and where we are ETERNALLY DISAPPOINTED.
  • Mon, 23:13: RT @InTheCloudMSFT: Use of Cloud services is really accelerating! - "45% of all renewal seats in Office moved to the cloud this quarter." …
  • Mon, 23:14: RT @edbott: I'm baffled. Microsoft has built all these alternative businesses precisely because consumer Windows is weakening. Why are peop…
  • Mon, 23:15: RT @joebelfiore: @benstoic yep, we intend taskbar to be present in tablet mode. Thats quick access to start menu (4 pcs w no HW button), +…
  • Mon, 23:19: RT @alex: MSFT notes that lower RPL on consumer Windows builds is not an ASP problem for Pro SKUs. Just in case you were curious.
  • Mon, 23:24: RT @joebelfiore: Folks asking-- we are working on a video showing #win10 phone features, but it's another 1-2 weeks out.
  • Mon, 23:28: RT @GabeAul: @marypcbuk @justinmchase Nobody removed it. Win+ typing is still there. There is a known bug if taskbar is not at bottom of sc…
  • Mon, 23:33: RT @TonyImperati: @alex @kylebrussell It's legit. In Q3 CY15, NA+EMEA co's had $8B in currency losses, up from $3.9B in Q2. $ has continued…
  • Mon, 23:34: RT @nocompunction: Even in the afterlife, Windows XP causing problems for Microsoft by making commercial licensing numbers look weak after …
  • Mon, 23:35: RT @Carnage4Life: Microsoft Earnings: Search advertising revenue grew 23%. #BingAds - <= Double digit growth again t…
  • Tue, 07:49: I've been writing a lot about #Windows10 and Microsoft recently...
  • Tue, 07:54: So Bing has a time zone conversion , eg from UK to US time zones. Only works if you're using the US Bing service. Only USanians travel?!?
  • Tue, 08:07: RT @sbisson: The Windows 10 event: so many Microsoft people who'd disappeared off the radar reappearing.
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