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  • Mon, 23:06: RT @Champagnie: The Red Queen theory of Internet security by @tzink7
  • Mon, 23:12: I think SeaTac should play Owl City on continuous loop. Hello Seattle!
  • Mon, 23:15: RT @fscavo: "My best RTs this week" now rivals "My week on Twitter" and "" for the most useless Tweets in my stream
  • Tue, 01:30: They're talking about Microsoft, Oracle and Buddhist philosophy; I must be sitting in a coffee shop in Redmond ;)
  • Tue, 01:38: RT @kunikos: Microsoft Research - The First Hour Experience: How the Initial Play can Engage (or Lose) New Players
  • Tue, 03:03: RT @fxshaw: Considering disrupting the tech media by writing a "what to expect" piece about Wednesday.
  • Tue, 03:06: I'd love to write a column called Redirect, where I explain why people are wrong about something ;)
  • Tue, 04:04: RT @jaredpar: Don't ask devs if it's okay to delete code, just send out a code review of the deletion. Devs will read the CR much faster th…
  • Tue, 05:47: RT @RyanLostinTX: Advancements in rock and roll technology have lead to cities being built at a pace never before imagined.
  • Tue, 05:50: Delighted to find that drinking all that excellent wine with @RandallGrahm yesterday has almost fixed crippling muscle spasms in my leg ;)
  • Tue, 06:29: Going through my wheelie carry on. A little game I like to call what is *that* doing *there *?!
  • Tue, 06:40: The umpteen napkins. The little pouch of jewelry. Five more books than I realized. The tiny pot of jam the TSA missed ;)
  • Tue, 07:58: RT @hrtbps: RT if you'd like The Sun to drop all their other pages too.
  • Tue, 08:03: RT @troyhunt: Designed a file sharing implementation between distributors using Azure blobs & @cloudportam. Total annual cost for data stor…
  • Tue, 08:05: RT @VirtualTal: So Citrix made a special mouse for people who want Windows desktops on their iPads but are too ashamed to be seen using a S…
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