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  • Sat, 21:15: RT @aloria: Let me get this straight: we hold a conference in DC in the dead of winter and in Vegas at the height of summer. Hackers are a …
  • Sat, 21:17: RT @dylanhorrocks: This analysis of a year of Charlie Hebdo covers is worth more than a thousand ill-informed opinion pieces:
  • Sat, 21:27: "the use of racist imagery in pictures that denounce racism" is pretty much the definition of the problems people have w Charlie Hebdo
  • Sat, 21:37: RT @migueldeicaza: @praeclarum it is a design that only someone who thought "I am avoiding patents on all obvious and sensible approaches" …
  • Sat, 21:47: RT @kurtsh: Yeah, we could spend time outing the 100s of security holes in Android, but we don't. Why do you think that is, hmm? http://t.c…
  • Sat, 21:50: RT @Falkvinge: 165 years ago, UK Parliament legalized public libraries where people could read for free. Just as publishers warned, no book…
  • Sat, 22:00: Weekend reading? My third Cassidy story is out: See-Through Security or the Las Vegas lake that's started swearing
  • Sat, 22:08: RT @trengriffin: “People tend to systematically overvalue near-term over long-term rewards. This effect seems to be even stronger in more …
  • Sat, 22:12: What's in the latest Surface updates? Wifi fixes and more
  • Sun, 01:18: RT @matthaig1: THINGS PEOPLE SAY TO WRITERS: 1. Should I have heard of you? 2. Something something JK Rowling. 3. My wife/cat wants to writ…
  • Sun, 01:22: Reddit really does recapitulate usenet. All the old stories doing the rounds again
  • Sun, 01:24: RT @trengriffin: Very smart friend said to me today: "Elon is likely to dominate the Mars global communications network business." I agree.
  • Sun, 02:09: Stockholm syndrome; getting to like the @VirginAtlantic hold music Dee-dee-dah-dah-dee-dah - but my leg will be so glad we got our upgrade!
  • Sun, 03:53: Excel: we can't do that to a merged cell. Subtext: what kind of pervert ARE you?
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