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  • Wed, 12:10: Lots of old security & trust debates getting rehashed at the moment, with old tired arguments saying open is power but forgetting liability
  • Wed, 12:11: Imagine Windows RT launch today, post Sony: big screen Office & modern browser on a PC they can't hack. Wouldn't it be a big seller?
  • Wed, 12:14: You know how Google said no patents read on Android? They just licensed 2,000 from Rockstar rather than say in court
  • Wed, 16:21: Seems a little pessimistic of #Cortana
  • Wed, 19:49: RT @alexwilliams: Part two by @marypcbuk > The Opportunity of .NET Core and Why It Will Not Fade Away
  • Wed, 19:51: Part 2: In which I explain why .NET Core is open source, why it's the future & why .NET Framework is still there
  • Wed, 20:06: Things you only hear at Christmas: it comes with a reusable fish
  • Wed, 20:09: It's great to support creative freedom of expression. I wish we could do it for works of art better than The Interview ;)
  • Wed, 20:14: The one question I have about the interview; do Gilbert & George get a credit for the poster?
  • Wed, 20:25: RT @GuyEndoreKaiser: Sony has a site where you can watch The Interview for $5.99 and I can't think of a single reason not to trust them wit…
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