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  • Mon, 18:10: Fantastic questions about inherent fairness/creepiness/problems/applicability to minorities of big data in that @hannawallach piece
  • Mon, 18:12: Algorithmic accountability: what decisions are powered by machine learning using what assumptions and how do we know they're fair?
  • Mon, 18:16: RT @hookflash: Danah Boyd Of Microsoft Research: Teens Are Exploring Privacy Practices Outside The Frame Of Technology
  • Mon, 18:26: RT @ramez: Same-sex marriage. Record-low hunger. Solar. 2014 was a good year - Better than you remember.
  • Mon, 20:27: RT @edbott: Don't jump to conclusions, people. Sources tell me North Korea installed iOS 8.1.2 this morning and it broke their Wi-Fi.
  • Mon, 21:03: Why does a form from a UK bank ask me if I'm a US tax payer? Is this more US data collection outside the US?
  • Mon, 21:08: RT @karenmcgrane: The best thing I’ve read all day is “The Invisible Backpack of White Privilege from L.L. Bean” Go …
  • Mon, 21:15: So has a list of 200 suspected affected devices; in a PDF, not in a format you can easily filter& search
  • Mon, 21:16: Why wouldn't you put a list of products in a CSV rather than a PDF, so that people can easily filter and search? CSV safer format too
  • Mon, 21:20: RT @On_MS_Products: Starting point for Microsoft's Hadoop technology
  • Mon, 21:20: RT @On_MS_Products: Recent changes and resources for Microsoft-hosted client management service (Enterprise Mobility Suite)
  • Mon, 21:40: Windows and Windows Phone Store Trends – December 2014 - pretty clear why mainstream handsets are the focus
  • Mon, 21:51: Thought experiment; North Korea uses the Internet so little that it can take itself offline for the publicity. It is a theatre state...
  • Mon, 22:02: Interesting to read @stevesi on cycles of capability, breach & security & think about Windows RT in that light
  • Mon, 22:06: Carelessly packed baggage when passenger is purportedly an experienced business traveler; weird CIA view of world spy
  • Mon, 22:12: hijacking pedicabs, breaking into yachts, tracking down hackers; all this & a Cassidy price cut for Christmas week
  • Mon, 22:20: I just had to opt out of marketing spam from a bank on a form to CLOSE AN ACCOUNT. WTAF #Britannia ?
  • Tue, 01:46: RT @damienmiller: In 2018, I wonder how many "smart" TVs purchased in 2014 will be unpatchable swamps of malware?
  • Tue, 01:52: RT @marcoarment: @mattgemmell A lot of modern Apple software quality issues are things we made fun of Windows people for, only a few years …
  • Tue, 02:01: RT @Viss: … I may have found myself in the awkward position of explaining what a meme is to a hollywood studio. what the fuck, monday?
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