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Blogging Nokia's Blog

Of the two days I've spent at this Nokia conference the time I spent chatting with the RFID and research teams have been definitely the most thought-provoking. Frankly I still find most Nokia handsets appealing and infuriating in equal measures.

Take the 7160 we had to play with... Lovely screen, sleek lines, megapixel camera. Funky angled buttons where I keep pressing Close rather than Cancel, no infrared and a half-size MultiMedia card (I can read the card in a normal slot but not put my normal card in the half-size slot so I can't copy a file off the phone to the card in my camera).

Series 60 is the same - some great new developments like higher resolution screens and Python support but the email app is driving me beserk by being happy to read mail from Exchange but not to send mail (still trying to transfer this photo!). I'm still not convinced they have a strong enough enterprise mobility strategy though they certainly have a strategy to have a strategy. I just can't se e how they can make it cost 40 euro a month per user to run a PBX when working out the savings of mobiles over landlines.

But I'm intrigued by the touch to use RFID phone - see what's left on my Oyster card, tap to get a text of the door security code, tap to sign that I've checked the fire extinguisher rather than signing it, tap to read your meter and send in the reading. Use RFID and GSM to close the loop on signing sheets and logging systems. And LifeBlog which is an application for cataloguing images by time alongside the messages you send from your phone (and in time lots of other information). This is at the 'good enough to criticise' stage - I want it to be extensible so that a community can develop good ideas for it, because I can think of a hundred knids of information I want to attach to this calendar view. I want diary appointments, links to files I created or opened that day, lists of URLs I visited and spent enough time at to be interested, mileage from my pedometer, details of the location the photo was taken at based on the phone cell location as captured by Nokia's Album application, photos taken by friends my diary says I met - give me my information my way. I like the scrolling calendar view which shows me today plus which recent days have lots of activity, and I like the thumbnails of text and images and the fast browsing. This gives me lots of ideas for what I'd love to see in a future version of OneNote, which is the application I live in when I'm not at my desk (when I live in Outlook) though eventually I want to live in SharePoint which has become my desktop.

Seeing more of Helsinki on the coach trip to the airport - inland rather than the view from the cruise to the island for dinner last night (which was scenic and delicious and delightfully odd, what with dinner set out for twice as many people as arrived, demonstration dances by two couples doing high-speed waltzing to Finnish folk music and the rifle target dartboard we found on the terrace: ph4ar me, I'm throwing pointy sharp things and mostly hitting the target).

Helsinki is flatter and more spread out than I expected. Lots of small sculptures - heavy seated figures and odd geometrical figures and three bronze girls linked by hoops flowing into a dance - lots of three way symmetry.

Lakes and islands with extravagant summer houses. Trams and boats alongside cars and buses (our hotel alongside the train and bus stations). A funfair with a viewing platform that winches itself up a pole and back down again - like a circular windowed lift. A brick and copper opera house that sweeps in a huge circle - it must look like a speech bubble attached to a box from above. Lots of neoclasssical and modern european and brutalist 50s architecture with fairly tasteful 60s and 70s modern stuff in the centre and drearier blocks as we drive out to the airport. A giant green inflatable pig with a euro sticking out of it's back tied to the top of the Bauhaus building store. Ah - I must fly!

Mary on a Blackberry so pardon typing errors


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16th Jun, 2004 16:29 (UTC)
On this GUFF trip, I've been using my 6230 to take photos, help me remember what I've done, where, with whom, when. Some decent photos, despite relatively low res.

17th Jun, 2004 14:06 (UTC)
yes, the instant snapshot that's disposable if necessary - I use my Exilim for that because it's so small. Pictures are such good memory triggers (as are the journal posts I made in NZ). I was reminded of a concert I went to in the 80s that I don't remember and I was wishing for memory refreshers for those times
17th Jun, 2004 15:14 (UTC)
When you post from the blackberry (I have never used one, so pardon me asking), do you use email to LJ or a web/wap interface or a blackberry lj client?
18th Jun, 2004 13:09 (UTC)
I use email to LJ... that lets me save a draft if i need to stop halfway through. i could post via the Web interface as well. I haven't looked for a bb lj client - there might be one!
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