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grass, check. opera, check. encore? encore!? hmmmm

From an O2 press release

"ENO and O2 Present La Bohème in Trafalgar Square - Fans to text vote for final encore of Trafalgar Square’s first ever live opera with English National Opera

O2 is taking opera outdoors on Wednesday 7 July 2004 with the first ever live opera concert in Trafalgar Square, thanks to an exciting new partnership with English National Opera (ENO).

From 7-10pm ENO will present Puccini’s La Bohème, and to complement the open air festival atmosphere of the summer evening, Trafalgar Square will be specially turfed for 8,000 opera and outdoor music fans to picnic on whilst experiencing a magical opera performance.

Thanks to O2, opera aficionados can also vote for the evening’s encore performance from ENO’s first class production especially designed to reflect London’s love for opera. Voters can choose from: Your tiny hand is frozen (Che gelida manina’); I’m always called Mimì (Mi chiamano Mimì); Lovely maid in the moonlight’ (O suave fanciulla) and As through the street I wander on my way (Quando me’n vo’ soletta per la via) by texting one of the following key words to shortcode 83049* - Frozen, Mimi, Moonlight and Street. "

this could be really rather lovely, if all the mobile phones ringing throughout the performance don’t bugger it up!

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