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  • Wed, 15:52: RT @migueldeicaza: Microsoft open sources .NET. My post on Microsoft, Mono and Xamarin collaboration:
  • Wed, 15:55: Microsoft is doing a different balancing act between Visual Studio as enabler for MSFT services &Visual Studio as massive revenue stream
  • Wed, 15:56: What would the world look like today if Sun hadn't made Microsoft give up on Visual J++?
  • Wed, 15:57: RT @LyalinDotCom: The WPF roadmap blog post is now available, yes I said #WPF. #vsconnect
  • Wed, 15:58: RT @jsnover: . @robwesterlund I've publicly predicted (vs promised) PowerShell on Linux. This will make that easier to to.
  • Wed, 16:04: So does getting Pluralsight free make you happier to pay for MSDN? More than free Office 365 or priority support?
  • Wed, 16:05: RT @aafvstam: Announcements, Announcements, Announcements, Announcements, Announcements, Announcements, Announcements #VSConnect
  • Wed, 16:07: Not just open sourcing server-side .NET but under the MIT licence and with a patent promise and the code on github. Yes, Microsoft gets OSS
  • Wed, 16:10: RT @romeriaux: I need to update my resume, #vsconnect I became way more than just a .Net programmer. So now should I ask for a raise?
  • Wed, 16:11: Oh, this is the other shoe dropping on RyuJIT going open source, isn't it
  • Wed, 16:16: RT @jsnover: . @tevaco19 The goal would not be to convert anyone, it would be to provide a single mgmt stack to manage all elements of the …
  • Wed, 16:36: Never having met anyone developing for Android who didn't loathe the Android emulator, I assume that's going to be popular ;)
  • Wed, 16:38: So the reason day 2 of Connect will come from Redmond? Because that's where the product teams are busy working
  • Wed, 16:40: RT @edyong209: Really this is about ethics in space harpooning
  • Wed, 16:42: RT @migueldeicaza: That demo of running on Linux with docker is Mono
  • Wed, 16:43: RT @crypt0ad: I am not sure rewording advisories into sensational articles makes for good "journalism"
  • Wed, 16:44: Two of my pieces on ZDNet, both with an intelligent, thoughtful, useful comment ;)
  • Wed, 16:46: RT @chrisrisner: For those of you wondering, the .NET open sourcing does NOT resolve needing a Mac to build an iOS app due to Apple restric…
  • Wed, 16:47: RT @thurrott: I now await complaints about how the Android emulator foor Visual Studio is better than the Windows Phone emulator.
  • Wed, 16:52: @BrandonLive here's the Connect tab full of the timeline instead
  • Wed, 18:57: RT @CarmenCrincoli: I'm impressed at how close to real-time Win10 builds are going out. I'm a canary, and not far ahead of 9879, build# wis…
  • Wed, 18:58: RT @getwired: Visual Studio and MSDN Licensing White Paper
  • Wed, 19:00: RT @mikebaz: It's fun discussing Visual Studio's value, but I need to get back to debugging client+server web app code at the same time in …
  • Wed, 19:08: RT @jimwooley: PEX integrated into VS as smart unit tests foredge cases. You still need to add tests to assert your…
  • Wed, 19:09: RT @getwired: Shorter AT&T: "Nice Internet connection you got there. It'd be a shame if something were to happen to it."
  • Wed, 19:22: Soma confirming that VS Community 2015 will ship when VS 2015 does
  • Wed, 19:33: Want Visual Studio on the Mac? Use Parallels or maybe one day there will be something in the browser says Soma #vsconnect
  • Wed, 19:40: Brian Harry saying being able to compile to iOS without a Mac is a goal but there are issue to work through. Yeah, Apple licences #VSConnect
  • Wed, 19:41: RT @MSCloud: #MSFT commercial cloud revenue growing 128% YoY; 5th consecutive qtr of triple digit growth. Much higher than reported at #rei
  • Wed, 21:01: That delightful feeling when a new editor likes your work, first draft around ;)
  • Wed, 21:08: Hmmm. cheese moving in Windows 10 is giving me visceral reactions of distress because it's taking away stuff I rely on to get work done
  • Wed, 21:09: Split metro windows, being able to see everyone in OneDrive right in Explorer without syncing it; I'm going to bitterly unhappy losing those
  • Wed, 21:19: We hid the charms behind three dots. Now we're hiding them behind three lines. suggestion JUST DON'T HIDE THEM
  • Wed, 21:31: Want to carry on seeing ALL OneDrive files in Explorer in Widows 10, synced or not? Vote here
  • Wed, 21:32: RT @sbisson: Not showing files that haven't been synced in OneDrive in WIndows 10 is the wrong solution. File status overlays like Live Mes…
  • Wed, 21:33: RT @sbisson: ICYMI, I wrote about today's Microsoft developer news over at @infoworld. Lots of interesting .NET moves:
  • Wed, 21:37: IE trying so hard to kill document modes in favour of being up to date; webdevs will have to help. Test in remoteIE
  • Wed, 21:40: RT @codepo8: On wearables profile the webkit2 of tizen has no SVG support and no webSQL to get a smaller footprint #SDC2014
  • Wed, 21:48: I'm watching the votes to put back full OneDrive view in Windows 10 tick up as I type @GabeAul
  • Wed, 21:52: @OmarShahine hey; may I draw the fast-rising votes for keeping view all OD files in Explorer to your notice?
  • Wed, 23:21: So the day .NET goes open source &cross platform feels like a good time to retweet my history of Internet Explorer
  • Thu, 01:24: RT @KpassID: Disagree that users should 'work harder' to understand privacy policies. They need to have the infor presented in a better wa…
  • Thu, 01:27: RT @jacobrossi: Hey oh! Looks like we also shipped ES6 Proxies today, bringing the new feature count to 20! /cc @bte
  • Thu, 01:28: RT @Toni_Newman: C&A hangers correspond to items listed on the retailer's FB page, recording online likes & popularity in real time http://…
  • Thu, 01:34: Wondering if Microsoft did the dropbox deal because they knew how badly they were about to break OneDrive
  • Thu, 01:36: I've loved @onedrive since it was live mesh but without Windows showing all my cloud files in explorer, why shouldn't I just pick any cloud?
  • Thu, 09:29: 700+ votes overnight to restore showing ALL OneDrive files in Explorer synced/not but @OmarShahine suggests unlikely
  • Thu, 09:46: RT @KiwiCoder: "Our goal is to open source the entire .NET Core library stack by Build 2015."
  • Thu, 09:47: RT @Dracunculus2010: "damaging FIFAs image" - hang on whilst I recalibrate my irony meter
  • Thu, 09:50: RT @clemensv: Project 42 only took 16 years to ship as it should have all along.
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