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  • Sun, 12:27: RT @TonyCowards: The A Team would often have to change their plans in an effort to save Face.
  • Sun, 12:35: RT @PaulCunningham: Kickstarter for a web browser extension/addon that hides comment sections on websites.
  • Sun, 12:41: RT @mappingbabel: HP runs public cloud but careers site is "intermittently unavailable while emergency maintenance is performed"... http://…
  • Sun, 13:07: So did anyone recreate the Windows Phone 8 calendar in an app? Really miss the endless agenda, new calendar is so meh
  • Sun, 13:47: Travalyzer showing my walk to and from the osteopath on Thursday ;)
  • Sun, 13:58: RT @rozzie: Happy Hacker's Conf 30th! Great memories: @StevenLevy @longnow @talkoteam
  • Sun, 14:00: With much trepidation, I'll be putting my first piece of fiction on Kindle store soon. Noting in advance that it's ALL fiction. Promise.
  • Sun, 15:23: Kindle recommended cover image ratio: 1:6 = 3.4:16. strange...
  • Sun, 17:27: So in about 12 hours, my first piece of fiction should be in the Kindle store. Bit of mystery, bit of comedy, lots of tech & plenty of snark
  • Sun, 18:08: Microsoft Band; it's a Cortex-M4 without TrustZone, right? No TPM?
  • Sun, 18:51: RT @bradsilverberg: Happy birthday, Hedy Lamarr, inventor of spread spectrum, basis for Wifi, Bluetooth, and modern cellular.
  • Sun, 19:03: RT @LionelMedia: Re-institute the Glass-Steagall firewall to separate banks, brokerages, and insurance.
  • Sun, 19:21: RT @thehighlandway: As a former soldier, I wish that #RemembranceSunday focused more on the horror of war than on lionising the fallen. War…
  • Sun, 19:33: RT @trengriffin: It is true that limiting your business to only the subsidy side of multi-sided markets is a one-way ticket to Palookaville.
  • Sun, 19:34: Am I the only one who never sees RT notifications in Tweetium Windows even with TP sub & Connect+ turned on?
  • Sun, 20:56: Excited. Kindle book has gone from 'submitted' to 'publishing' ;)
  • Sun, 21:17: trying to game my code always pisses me off especially when it’s with so obvious a hack, so I devalued their currency with extreme prejudice
  • Sun, 21:18: Just a little teaser from the fiction I'm putting out on Kindle there ;)
  • Sun, 21:18: RT @gchiemingo: Wow! RT @BrianTom: So the Seahawks flew away from its handler and landed on the lady next to me!! See!!
  • Sun, 21:56: peak external battery: the first compact mirror that is also a USB connected battery
  • Mon, 10:58: RT @laurastarruk: If you recruit by tapping people on the shoulder, then you tend to tap people on the shoulder just like you #FutureDecoded
  • Mon, 11:56: Hmm. Feeling this much of a zombie usually means I'm sickening for something :(
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